Sunday, June 21, 2015

Untitled Jibberish

There is a bitter taste in my mouth
My jaw hurts, my teeth ache
My heart thunders
Then it breaks

I am tired of people pissing me off
I am tired of investing with no return
I am tired of trying to keep the peace
Watching wars rage and churn

I sacrifice until it hurts
You take til you've had your fill
Tell me it's not good enough
When I've nothing left to give
You go an break my will

I've had it with the chaos
With the drama, with the stress
I've had it with the fighting
I'm done cleaning up your mess
I am about to snap
No one will like the outcome
I suggest you heed my warning
Go out and get your own

I've had it
I'm tired
My jaw hurts
This bitter taste in my mouth

I hope the vodka washes it all away.

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