Friday, June 12, 2015

Feeling Accomplished

Friday at last. It's been a long but very productive week. Got to spend some time with HotRod. We talked about having that drunken weekend I am desperate need of. So I've been hustling.

Monday I finished one of the rentals and the mural. Tuesday and Wednesday I busted my butt at a big law firm job. I took an hour out of the day to get paid for the mural job. YAY for money. Wed. evening I delivered the crowns to the designer, and picked up a check. YAY more money. 

Thursday I took DQ to a doctor appointment. Since I'd already blown half the day on that, I decided to take the rest off and straighten out my car. 

My inspection was 4 months out of date. I don't know how I managed to escape being pulled over and ticketed. At one point I was looking at it like a game. How long can I avoid the cops and run with this bad sticker. Yesterday I gave up. Getting the new sticker meant that I would need 2 tires. Boo for spending money. And since I was getting the inspection anyway, I figured I might as well get my oil changed. It's been about 3 years. I know HotRod wanted to smack me when I told him that. I could tell by how hard he rolled his eyes. 

Today, I will bust my ass double time in the lawyers office to make up for time that I missed yesterday. Totally worth it to be legal and not running 3 year old oil anymore.

Yes, it's been a good week. Now if I get to spend some time with HotRod this weekend, it will be just about perfect. I've earned some drunk and naked!

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