Friday, June 26, 2015

The Great Debate

Yesterday morning I posted my stance on the Confederate Flag on Facebook. A couple snarky defensive comments were posted soon after and then the post went dead. I simmered and stewed over the response, but as I was working I didn't have time to properly respond.

And then I got home. So did everyone else. By 8pm there were some 30 comments, many of which had long strings of replies.

It was, for the most part, civil, well rounded and relevant. There was a point where my friend from Norway used the word 'cunt'. That sent everyone into an uproar again. Until I explained to the people taking part in the debate that she wasn't calling them cunts, and that the word cunt, where she's from, is more of an every day word.

The people who responded, My bestie, our very good friend, Joe and HotRod, were not the people the original post was aimed at. These three guys are smart, and are highly unlikely to do something to intentionally hurt someone. And they would never do it because of someone's skin color.

The people who didn't respond? All the morons posting memes about their right to fly that flag. Of those, only a handful can actually claim a southern heritage. I said southern, not confederate. I've never heard any of them speak about their family's personal history on the subject. Hell, a couple of these people aren't even from this fucking country!

The people who didn't respond? Those are the ones who posted a photo of the Clinton/Gore rebel flag button. Made up, by the way. Same ones who posted the story about the PBJ being a racist symbol. False! And other stories, which, just at first glance, I felt were either lies or at best a stretch. A long, long stretch.

None of those people had anything intelligent to say on my post. Probably wise of them to stay over on their side of the internets. They would have been shredded. And not just by me. But the other people I was debating with. Who didn't agree with my original post.

Instead I got the boys who couldn't give two shits about the flag. They were more worried about the government overstepping it's bounds, and restricting rights all willy nilly. I've never heard any of these guys use the N word or say anything out of line in that context.

Thanks, boys, for a great debate. And my girlfriend for making it colorful and lively with the word cunt.  

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