Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Don't Judge Me RTT

Random Tuesday Thoughts... because, my brain.

Told DQ about her court date for assault. She proceeded to go off on a rant about how it's my fault she has to go to court. I may have said something to the affect of, I can't wait til the judge gets an ear full from you. To which she replied, "I'm going to be respectful and polite." Of course my next question was, "Why can't you be respectful and polite here if you can do it for a judge?" Her answer? "Because he has more power than you." Well obviously.

Entry deleted at the request of reader.

I was sitting at a stop light last week. When the light turned green I started to go. Out of no where a bicyclist appeared in front of me. I almost hit her. I slammed on my breaks and watched as she plowed into the side of the van which had been next to me, but had already started to go. She rolled/fell down the entire length of the van and came damn close to having her leg run over. Fucking tourists... or stoner. One of the two. 

Best news of the week? My next door neighbors are moving!!! Keeping in mind I live in an apartment, I share a wall with these mo-fo's. We're talking, screaming at each other all hours of the night. Loud drunkin parties til 3 in the morning. Extra people living there, one of which is a baby. Who cries. A lot. But relief is in sight. I saw them packing up and moving their stuff out. Yay!

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