Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Just Say No RTT

That time again? Tuesdays are for Random Thoughts. Perfect for the way my scatterbrain spins.

Seems that guy on the job site got over his fear of my brother. As we were packing up Friday, he casually asked me if I wanted to get a beer. I told him I have a boyfriend. A little white lie to avoid any hurt feelings. I'm now twice as happy to be done with that job.

I only had one day off this week. It just so happens, I was busy battling my teenager that day. My house is a wreck 'cuz I was too exhausted to do any chores when it was all said and done. I'm expecting a "surprise" visit from Child Protective Services. Did I mention my house is a wreck?

I can't catch up on the CBS shows I didn't sit on my ass and watch when they aired. Because CBS has jumped on the greed wagon and decided to only offer on demand services to members of their paid subscription scam. AND even after you pay your monthly fee to watch their shows on demand, you still have sit through commercials. I think that's called double dipping. I've decided to go out of my way not to pick up anymore CBS shows. Cuz, Hell no!

HotRod kept going back and forth on whether he wanted to even be my friend. So I decided for him. I deleted him from facebook, and have stopped answering his text. He was trying to play a game without telling me the rules. Seriously, when a "man" likes drama more than your average teenage girl... Bye Felicia!

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