Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Oh Holy Hell

Well, looks like last week was my bit of balance for the week I've got going on right now. Last week was fantastic. This week... Eh, not so much.

We'll skip right past the HotRod heartache I've got going on, which I can't stomach getting into.

This week, we started a big ceiling job. I know, it sounds odd. We don't do regular painting, so what could we do to a ceiling. When a designer has 1100 sq ft of tongue and groove wood put on the ceilings, a lot actually.

We have to sand in between all the grooves. With sandpaper. By hand. Did I mention they are vaulted ceilings? Some of them reaching 16 feet high. And then we have to sand the flats with orbitals. Looking straight up, all day long. My neck and shoulders already hurt. Then, when it's all sanded, we have to clear coat it. Again, by hand. By the time we're done with this job, I'm going to have the upper body of a boxer.

Lets see if we can add to this agony. Lets try ripping the sole off the toe of your work boot trying to disengage the wheel lock on the scaffolding. And lets also be really stupid and reach down to undo it with your hands. Do you know what happens when you fight with a steel high tension spring lever? You lose. A chunk of your thumb, to be precise. And you also bleed. A lot. Now, try to do some more sanding with only a band-aid covering the raw meat on your thumb. Go on, I dare ya! Yeah, today sucked.

Tomorrow DQ and I have court. This ought to be interesting. Bet you didn't know I own a pant suit? Ha, well I fooled you, because I do.  

After court, I have to run across town for Itty Bit's graduation ceremony. She'll be a middle schooler. No clue how that happened so fast. 

After the ceremony, I get to haul ass in the other direction and meet with an intake person who will start the ball rolling on DQ's residential treatment. 

Tomorrow is gonna suck, too. But hey, at least I don't have to sand ceilings. No worries, I'm sure there will be plenty left for me on Thursday and Friday. Blah!

This is the weekend Itty Bit is supposed to start one week on, one week off at her dads. I'm not driving anywhere Friday night. He can kiss my ass. I'm opting to take her out there Sat. at my convenience. 

I've been invited to go out with some friends Sat. night. Not sure if I should do that or just come home and sleep until Monday morning. 

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