Friday, June 5, 2015

Better with a Razor Blade

Yeees, it turns out I'm better with a razor blade than a paint brush.  At least when faced with the challenge of polka dots. Lots and lots of them.

 I don't much care for Designers. Most of them walk around with their noses in the air. I think it's because they've been given carte blanche when it comes to their clients money. But... there is one Designer I do like. (Most of the time.) She thinks outside the box. She does fun, big and bold. And she likes color.

She came up with an idea for sheer curtains that hang over little girls beds. So she had these "boxes" built. Inside the boxes are rods that the curtains will hang from and flow down to the floor on either side of a bed.

Then, she gave them to me to paint. 4 of these things along with a schematic and 9 color chips. Sounded easy enough. I should really know better. 

For this project I used tons of tape, a razor blade and a sponge. A paint brush never touched these. 

Cute, right? Yeah, these were a major pain in the ass. And then... And then, she came back with, "I'd like the polka dots smaller, at least on 2 of them." THAT is when I want to strangle a Designer. But I did it anyway, because of all the Designers, this is the one who likes murals and is likely to get me work in that area.

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