Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Try being kind

I've already had my fill of the political propaganda on Facebook, and the candidates haven't even finished throwing their hats in yet. I don't really care what your political standing is. You look like a moron when you trash the other side with blow job memes. It's to the point that I am considering deleting friends.

What if instead, people posted about why their candidate is the best choice? What if, and I know this is ground breaking, but what if the claims people post were based in facts? Because news flash, most of the garbage political post are not 100% accurate. And here's the important thing: Smearing a candidate is not solving any problem. It only serves to breed contempt. And make you look stupid in the process.

Before you honk your horn at the guy in front of you because he didn't floor it when the light turned green, pause.  Count to three and ask yourself if there isn't a reason their reaction time is slower than yours. Maybe they are super stressed and trying to remember where they are supposed to be next. Maybe they have something in their eye, and can't move forward. Maybe they are lost in their sadness at the moment, and it's making everything foggy. Try a little compassion, and give them a little time. I promise, they are not just sitting there to piss you off.

That person at work, you know who I'm talking about... He annoys the crap out of everyone. For no particular reason other than he's just a goober. Stop talking about him behind his back. He already knows he's a goober. In fact, he's socially awkward and he can't help it. And when he overheard you and the other co-worker talking about him, you ruined his day. Instead, make cookies for the "office" and offer him one first. Something as simple as that will tell him, he matters.

Stop flying your confederate flag. I hear your argument of heritage and history, and frankly I don't give a fuck. It offends a rather large populous of American Citizens. They have every right to be here and live as free as you, AND not be wondering if their neighbor secretly wants to string them up. Surely there must be other ways you can honor your heritage, aside from this stupid flag. 

This goes for any other symbol that further decays race relations. Black, White, Japanese, I don't give a crap. Work your shit out!!!

Don't be so quick to judge, fly off the handle, or seek revenge. Remember the person you have a grievance with is just as human as you. Have you never been on the receiving end of someones ire? I know you have. Why would you intentionally put someone else through it?

Back to Facebook...
Wouldn't it be an interesting change of pace if we stopped posting, memes, funnies and other peoples inspirational quotes? Just for one day? "But then what will I post?" you ask. Try something real. Tell your friends you're happy to be awake, by saying good morning. Post on the wall of someone you haven't talked to in a while... something nice to make their day. Post a feeler to see if anyone else is interested in getting together this weekend. And if you're sad, tell your friends, because that's what they are for. Someone will reach out a hand to you, I promise.

The next time there is a moment of peace, grab your lovers face in both your hands, look in their eyes, and tell them you love them. You really, really love them. And... Mean it!

You're welcome. Now go have a nice fucking day!!!!

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