Saturday, June 20, 2015

Job Site Funnies

It's been an interesting week on this job site. There is usually a lot of cutting up and joking on job sites where there are multiple crews running. This is some of the funny stuff that happened this week.

I roll in to the site at about 9am. Go walking up and there is a group of guys standing outside smoking. One of the carpenters taps his watch and looks at me. I just smiled real big and said, "I keep bankers hours, boys. Don't hate."

I also heard that I am a beast and a bad ass. Keeping in mind there aren't a lot of females on construction sites, someone said they've never seen a girl do what I can do. Boss man said I was butch for moving a 12 foot A frame, open, by myself.

We brought on a couple of short term helpers for this job. It's huge, and was bid so high because we didn't actually want it, but got it anyway, so we have the money. One of these guys is so wet behind the ears he might as well be a child. So I see him standing on a 10 foot ladder, with one foot on top of an upper cabinet. "Not a good idea to stand on cabinets." I say.  "Don't ever assume someone else did their job properly."

Most of you probably don't know my boss is also my brother. Neither do any of the guys on site. The funniest thing that happened this week was when another painter asked my boss about me. And then said something about my boobs. To which my boss said, "Oh, you mean my sister." The guy didn't believe him at first. When reality slowly settled in he became sheepish. So my brother/boss had to aggravate his discomfort by saying, "She's got a really nice tattoo on her tit. Maybe she'll show you." Don't get all excited. I'm not dating anytime soon. But especially not a damn 25 year old. My boss did his brotherly duties and sufficiently scared the crap out of him. I'm actually grateful.

And the best thing that happened... Since we did get the job on an outrageously high bid, I was notified I'll be getting a big fat bonus when it's paid out.

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