Tuesday, January 5, 2016

It is Cold

It's the kind of morning that calls for wool socks, to pad your feet from the hardwoods. A morning that demands hot coffee, to wake the soul and warm the hands. It's a cold, windy morning, that would be best spent rolling around naked with someone you love. If for no other reason than to share body heat. 

I miss my love. He's off in another state, working his white hat, network security magic. Sigh....

I know, logically, it's good for us. We've both been working from home since we moved. I think I was starting to aggravate him a little. It happens. It's not a good idea for any couple to be together 24/7. Doesn't make me miss him any less. 

The last couple of months, I wasted some time, wondering why I couldn't have found him sooner. Thinking life would have been so much easier...for both of us. Rather than be dragged through the gauntlet I could have just been madly in love with him this whole time. But I had an epiphany recently: We wouldn't have appreciated each other as much if we hadn't lived though some hell. We might have taken what we have for granted, not knowing how horrible relationships can be. Instead, I know what a stellar human being he is and I couldn't ask for anything more.

It's in the low 20's this morning...and dropping. I miss snuggling up and stealing his warm beams. No matter the temperature, Mr. Security is always warm.

On a side note: What in the actual fuck???
It was in the 70's the week of Christmas! So hot and humid I couldn't get paint to dry! And now, two weeks later, the 20's? As Itty Bit so hilariously said the other day, "Weather, you're drunk. Go Home!"

Monday, January 4, 2016

Holiday Chaos DONE

We survived the holiday chaos. I was a little worried, but it turns out, I was over thinking it.

The normal level of crazy that flows through my house was exacerbated by the move. Did I cancel Christmas breakfast? No. I still had everyone over, and fumbled through keeping everyone fed and coffeed. 

And you know what? It was fantastic. No one cared that we still had boxes and crap laying around.  Because they realize, I'm only human. I'm the only one who is freaking out because it wasn't all done. 

It was loud. It was messy. Our house was stuffed full of family and friends. It was awesome!

And I won Christmas. Yes, I realize it's not about winning or losing. Especially in my family. But my compound miter saw and antique pachinko machine....They say I won Christmas.

We had an impromptu New Year's Eve party. It went a lot like:

New Year's Eve...Noonish
Mr. Security: Sweety, do you mind if I have a few people over tonight?
Me: (as I pop one eye open from a nap) Uh, no. Who are we talkin?
Mr. Security: So-in-so and maybe Whats-their-face and maybe my brothers.
Me: Seriously? (laughing) Are you trying to have a New Year's Eve party? I asked you a week ago if you wanted to plan something.
Mr. Security: Yeah, I'm a dork.
Me: Alright, lets do this thing.

So much fun. We played cards against humanity, which I'd never played but apparently I was good at because I won. We drank Waaaaay to much. I was hurtin' bad the next day. And I got to know some of Mr. Security's friends better and also his brother. Good people. So glad we did that. 

Well, you're all caught up now. Back to work for this girl.