Saturday, January 30, 2010

One For The Record Books

The news has been predicting snow all week. Starting early in the week with "We may get snow this weekend". Each day the predictions grew bigger and bigger. Until yesterday, when they were warning us all of 6-12 inches. Now to most of you, this doesn't seem like such a big deal. It doesn't even seem like a big deal to me. As I am used to 2 FEET of snow, having lived in Detroit and all. But here in S.E. Virginia, it's another story.

Sexy Papa, and my neighbor both reported, yesterday evening, that the grocery stores were a nightmare. Everyone has decided that the end of the world is coming, and we must all hoard food, or beer, whichever.

I woke up a little after 5am to hear the "Special New Coverage" of this snow event. They have called in all their reporters, and the top meteorologist to report on the white stuff. The reporters on the street are making snowballs, and promise to keep working on them throughout the morning.

Every time we even get a dusting, I have to laugh. People here are fascinated by it. It can be scary, because most people here don't know how to drive in it. But some of them will give it the old college try, usually failing horribly.

I personally hate the stuff. Why do you think I moved away from MI? I hate snow. But I especially hate it when it snows HERE! Because everything will be closed all weekend. I will be trapped in the house, there will be no escape. And I won't get to work. Most people wouldn't mind an extra day off work. But I personally don't think snow is worth staying home for. At least in MI, snow didn't affect my pay check.

On the other hand, Sexy Papa and the girls will be in heaven. We haven't had snow like this in at least 6 years. Itty Bit has never seen snow like this, and DQ can't wait to "Wake up to see if it snows". I have a prediction of my own: They will play in it for all of 10 minutes, and then come in because they are cold. Strip all their clothing off to get dry, and demand hot chocolate. They will repeat this every 2 hours for the entire weekend. Which means, I will be doing lots of laundry. Oh YAY!

Hey, guess what? I got a call this morning, asking if I could work today? Joann's home office is in Ohio, so they said "It's just a couple of inches" Well since I am from MI and I live around the corner, I worked open to close. 10am to 1pm. I know, long shift right? They decided to close down early. AND... if they decide to open tomorrow, I will work open to close then too. So bonus, I may get extra hours, instead of loosing them all!

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