Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Day It All Ends

We have decided... That she is not welcome. Problem is, The Boy deserves someone to fight for him. Someone to do whats in his best interest.

Riddle me this: You have been away from your child for 6 full days. What is the first thing you do when you get out? Decide he can wait a couple more hours, even after you told him what time you would be home? Go shopping with your Mom? Well, I guess that makes sense if your a selfish drug addict.

At this point I am writing about it to make myself feel better, to get it off my chest. I don't need anyone to tell me to get rid of her. We are doing just that. Maybe it's just a record of events. Whatever the case, I just have to get it out.

She got here, 5 hours after she was released. And the only thing she had to say about her stay there:
"Has anyone called for me?" and I said "no" Then she says, "Oh, cuz I met someone in there. I really like him." Seriously, what the fuck?

Before I begin, let me preface this by saying: I talked to the nurse on her unit. Patients are encouraged to do Family Therapy. When I inquired about it, they said she refused. I asked why? The nurse said she didn't know, but Kirsten told her she would call me to talk about it. To which I said "I can guess why. She has no intentions of getting off drugs. Then the nurse said "That would be a very good guess." Now I know they can't tell me about what is going on with Kirsten. She is an adult. But the way I heard what the nurse said, and her tone, I understood that they feel like Kirsten is not ready to recover.
Then I talked to her case worker. He indicated that they are ready to call it a lose. They paid for her stay in rehab. But she wanted narcotic drugs and they would
not pay for those. We were both in agreement, that Kirsten has no intention of stopping, and that she went to the hospital to shut us up. We were also both in agreement, that she wanted her own legal script for narcotics. And she is pissed because she didn't get them.

She wasn't here 2 hours, before it became clear to us, she has no intentions of following our house rules, or making her son follow our house rules.
We had just finished dinner. My husband was trying to put together a bed that my mother in law bought for them. She gave Brian a package of cookies. My husband said to him, he had just finished dinner, and that he didn't need a treat right now. (Besides the breaking the rules about treats, there was not enough for all the kids. My girls would have been upset, that AGAIN, he gets to do stuff they don't get to do.) He went into the bedroom and cried to his mom.
She flipped the fuck out, and started yelling:
"Your uncle can't tell you what to do! I don't give a fuck what they say. Your my fucking son. I can give you a treat if I want to."
That, was hubby's last straw. He marched in there, and said "Fine then, you can get out of my house." The arguing carried out into the living room. Where it escalated into screaming. When she got up in his face, he pushed her down to sit on the couch. She wigged, got up and tried to scratch out his eyes. And that is when the last of his restraint went out the door. He never hit her, but that is because I managed to get between them. I pulled him back. Her mother sat on her. It took every bit of strength I had to keep him from getting at her. His face was bleeding, and he was enraged.
And she... kept trying to bait him. Screaming at him, hit me bitch, your goin' to fucking jail. I'm calling the cops, your ass is going to jail. MIL and I managed to get them calmed down. But she is refusing to leave. "All my clothes are here. I ain't going no where."
Now I am a pretty calm these days. I see no point in yelling, when you can I the same thing without raising my voice. I said that it was painfully clear that she has no intention of respecting our home and following our rules.
Something was said about My telling my husband what the rehab nurse said. She pointed across the room at me and said "Then she is a fuckin' liar."
Then the conversation got heated again. My husband said somethings she didn't like, and she started going off again: "Oh I'm gonna hit the mother fucker." Which of course pushed hubby further over the edge: "You hit me and I am gonna knock the last 2 teeth out of the front of your mouth." And that is what she really wanted. She was screaming at him "Hit me I fuckin dare ya. Come on hit me." She was trying to push him over the edge so she could have him taken to jail. So what did he do? Picked her ass up and tossed her out the front door.

Once she was out, Brian got his coat and shoes on. Grabbed the blanket I made for him, and went outside with her. Then Me and Hubby and my mother in law had a chance to calm down and talk. MIL and I are in agreement... We can at least save the child.... And at that moment, Kirsten was taking the child with her, out in the cold rain. Since Kirsten can not go to MIL's house, because of all the prescription drugs there, we let her go back to her room. She kept trying to pick at my husband, and get him to react. He tried his best to get her to back off and go away. Saying we are all in a calm place right now... we can talk about it tomorrow.

At this moment, we are trying to figure out the best way to get custody of the child. I am waiting for my Mother in law to come over. She says she has some things to say to Kirsten.

Hopefully today, we will have a better idea of what we need to do.


  1. well now. Ummmm no chance of being bored around there!
    Good luck.

  2. The saga continues, huh?. At least you have her figured out and know what she's up to.

  3. Oh I fell for you. I so do. But your so correct in the thought that you can at least save the child and if by doing that you have to call protective services for them then so be it. They would get her out and let the kid stay with you. You might have tried this already, I just stumbled on you. But I can feel your pain in this issue.

  4. Sorry if my last comment was a little opinionated, it is just that I am going through a situation that has some similar qualities.

  5. I think your family has gone above and beyond for her. I have a feeling that she AND the boy will be a "lose".

    Maybe it's time to call about that warrant?

  6. HOLY COW GIRL! Yes, hopefully you can get the child and give him a better life. It does sound like Kirsten is not ready to stop her addiction.

    You should apply for her for intervention. That show? Do you know the one I'm talking about?

    Well I hope the best for you guys.


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