Thursday, January 28, 2010

Open Letters

Dear Kirsten,

I don't think I have ever hated someone so much in all my life. But then I have never met anyone as awful as you. I still can't wrap my head around, how someone can be so cruel. You are a disgrace to the title "Mother".

Did you really think we were going to let you sit on our couch and be high? I swear my husband told you that I was going to be a police officer, until I destroyed my knee. You might have guessed that I was a law abiding citizen based on that alone.

We have figured out why your so desperate to hold on to your son. No one will give you a place to live, if you aren't dragging a child behind you. I guess your not as dumb as you look.

We know all your secrets. You are a junkie. And that you would sleep with someone to get their drugs, makes you a junkie whore. And by the way, I told The Asshole, over the phone, all about your night out while you were here.

The only reason you still have those 2 teeth left in your mouth is because I have babies to consider. Their mommy doesn't need to go to jail. If it wasn't for them I would have gladly done an overnight in the cell, just to beat you into the ground. Your Mom said she would post my bail.

When was the last time you hugged your son and told him that you love him? I did it everyday while he was here. And guess what? He knows that he is loved here. He didn't want to go with you. He told his uncle that he didn't want to leave.

I know about all the illegal things you guys have done. I know you have been getting tax refunds for the last 2 years, even though neither one of you has worked. I know the name of the lady who did them for you, and I am turning everyone in! There is already a case opened regarding the Social Security medical benefit cards you stole. Those 2 things alone are felony offenses on a federal level.

You, my dear, had better watch your back. Because I am coming for ya. And if I have my way, you and your Asshole will be in jail, and I will be taking that boy from you.

OK, well I must run. Time to call Assholes Doctors to let them know he is selling all the narcotics they are prescribing to him.


Dear Little Brian,

You are loved. You should never forget that there are people in this world who love you. I am sorry you have to go through this at such a young age.

Please remember that none of this is your fault.

We miss you, the girls miss you. We were all very sad when you left. I have not stopped crying for you. Your uncle is heartbroken.

We didn't want your Mom to take you. We begged her to let you stay. But there was nothing we could do to stop her.

Please understand that we are doing everything we can to get you back. We will never give up on you. It may take a little while, but one day soon, we will come for you. We will bring you home. Back to your friends, back to your family, back to your school. One day soon, you will be free. Free to make mud pies and blow up army men. Free from worrying about your mom, and trying to keep her awake. One day soon you will get to be a little boy.

My dear sweet boy, my bright red headed angel. I will pray for you, everyday, until I have you in my arms again. Don't forget that we love you. Please hold on. Aunt Missy is coming for you.


  1. I'm so glad that you are continuing to fight for Brian. He needs a family, your family. I hope you are able to make a big enough stink with the prosecutors, judges and doctor's to put Kirsten and Asshole where they belong and get that little boy back.

    As always, good luck to you!

  2. keep up the fight...sweet letter to him. one day he will need to read it. it is not his fault.

  3. That just makes me wanna cry.


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