Friday, January 15, 2010

Dawn of a New Day

Relief, sweet relief. I think I actually slept last night... with both eyes closed.... for the first time in weeks.

We finally got the call yesterday. Of course it came an hour before the kiddos got off the bus. So I called MIL to take us down there, and my Mom to come sit with the kids. And off we went... to rehab.

That was an interesting day...
The day I found out that my sister in law does heroin when she can't get a hold of her drug of choice. That was one hell of a revelation. I also found out that Asshole had no problems knocking her around. I told her "Don't let your brother find out about that." We suspected, but had no confirmation of abuse.
We were down there with her for a couple of hours. When they finally took her up to the unit, and MIL and I walked out the front doors... I broke into tears. Not because I was sad for her. I did feel bad that she had to detox at home... but I have accepted that she did this to herself. No... I broke down because I could finally breathe. I have been holding my breath, waiting, walking around on egg shells...

Brian was good for me. But then I suspect that's because he knows, he has no choice. With few exceptions, he did what I asked him to do. His mother expressed to me that "He is going to flip out." But he was angelic, by his standards.
After I got the girls settled in, I explained to him that his mom was sick, and that the Doctors were helping to make her better. He seemed a little concerned when he realized she was going to be gone for at least a couple of days. But I explained that when she is feeling better, she will be able to be a better mommy to him. And that until then, he has me and his uncle. We will keep him safe, and provide all the things he needs. I told him if he has any questions, or just wants to talk to someone, I am always available. He was asleep, snoring to beat the band by 8:45.

He slept through the night, on our couch. We left our bedroom door open so we could keep an ear on him. I had no problems getting everyone up and out the door. There were no fights about what he was going to wear, or whether or not he was going to wear his play shoes to school. Absolute cooperation. It was beautiful.

I have another long day ahead of me. I have to call child protective services, to see about getting temporary custody, until his mom comes home. At this point if Asshole wants him, I have no choice but to turn him over.
I also need to, at least start, cleaning up their bedroom. Asshole threw shit everywhere, looking for his stuff, when we kicked him out. And Kirsten has been to high or depressed to clean any of it up. Plus I need to get the deflated air mattress out of there and try to patch the burn holes. It's not going to be a fun day.

So I am off. I hope everyone has a good day. I am thinking that I will.


  1. I'm glad that you're finally getting things back to normal at your home. Hopefully, rehab will do your SIL some good. I'm sure the consistency at home will do Brian a world of good, even though he may fight it every step of the way.


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