Monday, January 18, 2010

Good Monday Morning

Today should prove to be another long day... but in a good way. If your insane and like to torture yourself. The kiddos have no school, so they will be here all day. All 5 of them. It's more the kind of chaos I am used to. I did it all winter break, so today should be no sweat...

... unless it is. Itty Bit woke me before 5 this morning with my all-time favorite childhood words: " I puked all over my bed." Add all those things to the pile of laundry that needs to get done today... On second thought, put those right in the washer!

Have a good Monday everyone!


  1. sounds like yours is off to a great start! yikes.

  2. I hope your day had moments of peace and satisfaction, and that the kids all sang Kumbaya all day as they hugged each other!

  3. I was hoping for sort of the same thing, but that only happens in the movies. Down here in the real world, The kids I babysit took turns beating the crap out of each other... Itty Bit continued to vomit and everyone was basically miserable. I am glad this day is over. I guess it could have been worse, but still... glad it's over.


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