Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Joys of Life: Part 6

Previously on The Joys of Life:
Asshole got kicked out

After dropping Asshole off at the bus station, Hubby stopped by a friends house, because it was his birthday.

He hadn't been gone long, when I realized there would be no rest for the weary. Namely me. Something we very wrong with Kirsten. I couldn't tell what was going on, but I knew it wasn't good.

My kids were still at the neighbors house. Brian was here, watching cartoons. I made sure he got some breakfast. He said he was tired, so I bundled him up on the couch to take a nap.

Kirsten was moving real slow, slurring her words, so I knew I had to keep an eye on her. I came into the kitchen to find her with the fridge door open, bent over, holding a jar of mayo... ASLEEP! That's when I knew, she wasn't just stoned, she was fucked up. I woke her and asked her to go lay down. "Oh, I am so tired" She said. But she didn't go to bed. She wandered around the house, supposedly looking for her smokes.
I didn't want Brian to see her like that so I had him lay down in the girls room for a nap. When I came back to the kitchen, she was standing in front of my coffee pot... ASLEEP... with one hand on the counter... holding a full pot of water in the other hand. Like she was intending to make a pot... She had it hovering over the end of the counter, and I came around and scooped it up from her. "Go sit down" I said "I will make the coffee."

My husbands best friend called to see how we had made it through the night. I told him what was going on, and he said he would be right over. Then I called hubby to tell him he needed to come home too.

The girl couldn't stay awake for more than a few minutes at a time. I kept finding her asleep. No, asleep doesn't describe this... she was passed out. Slumped over on the couch. Standing up at my front door, trying to smoke a cigarette, asleep. I tried to ask her what she had taken, but all she would say was "I didn't get any sleep last night."
Who wants to see a picture of my SIL passed out... in the middle of the day?


She came out of her bedroom at one point, nearly in tears, asking me if I could buy her some smokes, because the Asshole apparently took all the money. Even the money that she has put aside to pay back her mom.

Hubby and his best friend arrived at about the same time. I had managed to convince her to go back to bed. I made a big breakfast, because everyone was starving, while his best friend went to pick up my girls. She didn't stay in bed long. She kept getting up, and stumbling around the house. I kept telling her to go back to bed.

I finally convinced my husband to go to sleep around 1pm. His friend agreed that he would stay and help me with Kirsten. We baby sat her most of the afternoon. She tried to eat something. I saved her some pancakes and sausage. But she couldn't stay awake long enough to actually eat them. Itty Bit was sitting next to her having a snack. She thought it was funny that her Aunt fell asleep in her pancakes. When she told Kirsten that she was falling asleep, she sat up and said, "No I'm not." 3 times the girl fell asleep in her plate. Seriously, face down in her plate. Our friend went and got her up, telling her to clean up her face, and go lay down. Finally she went into her room and went to sleep. And stayed there.

About an hour and a half later, we went to check on her. She was sitting, on the half deflated air bed, indian style. Bent straight over in half across her legs, with an unlit cigarette in one hand and a glue stick in the other. I can only assume she was trying to light up with a glue stick and got tired after it didn't work out so well. Our friend helped her up and to the front door to smoke, while I straightened out her bed and refilled it. We put her back to bed, and I left to get dinner, and some batteries for a smoke detector, which I later installed right outside her door.

Hubby got up when I brought dinner. We all ate. Kirsten tried to eat, again, but it didn't work out to well. We debated on calling an ambulance for her, but she seemed to be coming down a bit. We decided if she was the same way the next day we would.
Our friend left, and we got all the kids off to bed. Hubby was settling in for the night. I went out to make sure the house was closed up, and turn out lights. In the kitchen I found one of the stove burners on full blast. "Kirsten, did you turn on the stove?" "Oh shit" She said "I used it to light a cigarette. I guess I forgot to turn it off." Never in my life have I been so glad to have working smoke detectors.

I had to work all weekend, but Hubby, and usually his friend, were here to keep an eye on things. We all spent the weekend waiting for a call from Philly. We all wondered if he had actually gotten on the bus. Kirsten spent the weekend high, but not in a life threatening state. Just kind of stupid. I didn't know what kind of drugs she had. How much she had. I figured he would have taken most of them with him. He took all the money, why not the drugs? I assumed she would run out at some point. And then she would have no choice but to get sober and deal with life. I tried to cut her some slack, because we
had just turned her life upside down. Needless to say, it was a very long weekend.

Monday came and I let out a big sigh of relief when the kids all went back to school. Finally the house was quiet. This had turned out to be a very long Winter break. Having to hover over everyone, and trying to keep the peace. I'm sorry to say, but all I got done that day was a blog entry and a very long nap!
My husband did get a hold of Assholes brother, and found out that indeed he was in Philly.

When Tuesday rolled around, I took the opportunity to take a shower while the kids were at school. I didn't lock my door. I was not trying to offend her, by taking my keys to the bathroom. I was trying to show that I wanted to trust her. But you know me... I'm not stupid. I set up our webcam to record the room while I was out. And what I saw on the playback, sent me through the roof. NOW...who wants to see a video clip of my crack head SIL breaking into my room?

For the record, she was in my room for about 45 seconds. I can only assume to steal more vicodin. Needless to say, I am very disappointed. I debated about whether or not to tell hubby while he was still at work. Shit, I debated about weather or not to elbow her right in her teeth. I decided it best to tell him before he got home, so he would have time to cool off. Rather than him seriously ripping her head off.

He got home... he watched the video... and he had
The Talk. But so that I could learn what it sounds like when she lied, he asked her if she was in here. She has a very giving tell... she opened her mouth to speak. That's it. Just opening her mouth means that whatever is about to come out will be a lie! And when she said "No" he calmly walked over to the computer and clicked play. Oh boy was she furious. Probably at me... for having the nerve to video tape my room and try to catch her.
That was the day... The day she fessed up to exactly what she was taking... maybe. Methadone and Zanax. We already knew. Assholes brother told us about all his prescriptions. And that he gives her the Methadone.
That was the day when he told her she had to go to rehab or get out!

Next time on The Joys of Life:
Searching for Salvation

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