Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dirty Oras

I think I may need to go have my Ora cleansed. I have been surrounded by so many negative things as of late it is making me depressed.

I had one of my world famous stomach aches last night. Which sucks because I really needed to be up and alert today. I have a baby shower to go to this afternoon. And with things they way they have been, I haven't been able to finish the quilt I am making for her. Of course, I didn't have anything to help with the stomach ache. I tried to sleep sitting up on the couch for a while, but it's didn't work. It hurt so bad I almost couldn't breath. So I finally gave in and drove to the Drug store at 4 am.

Now I have to get my ass in gear and try to finish this gift. I am excited to go though. Because she had the baby early, and that means I get to play with a brand new baby today!

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  1. Holding a sweet new baby will help but yes I agree that you need to take some time for yourself very soon to reflect on what the hell happened over the last few weeks.

    Have a great time today! Hopefully it will be the start of some good in the midst of chaos.


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