Thursday, January 14, 2010

I am surrounded by drug addicts

If you have been reading along with the story, The Joys of Life, you know that my world has been turned upside down. We have been waiting for a detox bed for my SIL. And we are still waiting.

The intake person, who I have been in constant contact with, is baffled by the delay. He says, in the 8 years that he has been doing this job, he has never had this problem before. After 3 days of waiting, he scrambled to find her some other resource of help. He called late yesterday afternoon to inform me that ALL the beds in the entire region are full. There is no space for her anywhere. So apparently, my area is saturated with drug addicts. Maybe they all made the same New Years resolution... to get clean?

Whatever the case maybe, it's not going well. She asked me yesterday if she could have some of her methadone. She was not happy when I told her it had been destroyed. A short while later, she asked if my husband had anymore Vicodin, I checked he doesn't. They had already stolen most of them. Then she asked if my friend, who didn't finish her prescription, had any. I have nothing for her.

Brian spent the day antagonizing the girls. This little shit had the nerve to lean over and whisper in DQ's ear "I got candy last night and you didn't" He is mean and spiteful. He says things to piss them off. He will stand in the hall way, where his mother can't see him, with one of their toys and make faces at them.
I have been trying to be patient with him. I know he has had a rough time of it. But something occurred to me yesterday: He is capable of behaving. When neither of his parents are around and he has to answer to me, he can behave. He does, for the most part, behave when it's only me.

Something else occurred to me last night: She has no intention of making him follow our house rules. Last night, the kids were getting ready for bed. He showered and brushed his teeth, then went into the girls room and started playing with their toys. DQ tried to tell him, that it was bed time and he needed to get out of their room. When he wouldn't move, she came and got me to make him leave. I told him and he started collecting his toys to leave. When I went back into the living room, he was sitting on the floor, in front of his mother, playing with all the same toys he was using in the room. Their Toys!!! So I told him it was bedtime and he needed to put the girls' toys back in their room. He looked at his mom, and I looked at him... he said "my mom said I could play until bedtime." I could tell she wasn't happy about it, but she told him to take the toys back. He took most of them back. When I came out again, he had 1 more toy, that very obviously, was not his. We argued over it for only a second, and then I just walked up and took it.
After dropping the toy off, I walked back into my room and slammed the door. And I kept slamming doors until she finally got up and took him to bed.
But not before asking me if I had anymore of those sleeping pills. Whatever! All I said was "Nope."

I am tired. I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I am running my house hold, and trying to manage her family as well. Spending all day on the phone for her. From the moment I wake up every morning, I spend every ounce of energy trying to keep everyone happy and calm. And for what? Everyone is miserable.

She doesn't want to get clean. She is only doing it because she has no choice. She said it to the person in the hospital when they asked why she felt like now was the time to get clean.

All three girls are at the end of their rope. They no longer see any benefit in being nice to Brian. So they have become nasty and snide. They don't want to play with him, and they don't care who hears them protest. My sweet, angelic, well behaved little girls, will never be the same. They have both changed for the worst. They are angry and resentful. Because when Brian does something like, sit on Itty Bit's legs, because she is laying on the couch... Kirsten tells HER she should be sitting up. Does she say anything to Brian? NO. Of course she doesn't do that shit in front of me. I have to hear all of this second hand. If she thought she was in the right, why doesn't she correct my kids in front of me?

And my husband... has been hiding in our bedroom. He is angry about the way things are going. He is acting frustrated. But is he doing any of the work to maintain this household? No. He doesn't have to deal with his sisters shitty attitude. She spends all day acting like I did this to her. No God damn it. I didn't get your ass hooked on drugs.

She asked me yesterday if Asshole has called at all? I said, yes he has, and left it at that. She said she needs to talk to him. I ignored her. Sorry... it's my phone, my house, I pay the bills and we don't accept phone calls from drug dealers. He knows where she is, and that she needs money. He had said he would send her some. But shocker, shocker, nothing has arrived yet.

Alright, Itty Bit has a DR. appointment today. So I have to get her ready for that. Everyone cross your fingers that a bed opens up for Kirsten today.


  1. Fingers still crossed for all of you! I just hope once she gets to the rehab, she'll stay and get well.

  2. I hope the craziness ends soon - you all deserve a long stretch of calm and quiet.

  3. Wow I really dont know how you manage it all. I hope you get some relief soon.

  4. Maybe they'll find a bed soon. Or you could kick her out. Nobody could say you didn't try. At some point you have to think about your family and how it's negatively affecting all of you.

  5. You know, I have some domestic problems at my house and I am on the verge of just packing my shit and splitting! Where should we go? That part was a joke, the first part was serious. I hope things work out!

  6. I don't know how you don't just punch that little shit in the face. I hope that everything quiets down soon.


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