Monday, January 25, 2010

Blogs Are Good For Something

As it turns out, all the bitching and moaning I have been doing here, on the blog, is going to be very helpful to me when it comes time to get custody of the boy. Now, without much effort, I have a record of events that have happened so I can show the judge.

So you'll have to excuse me while I document what happened over the weekend...

Thursday my hubby didn't have to work. So he put the bunk bed together for them. While in the middle of that Kirsten stuck her hand in his face, to show him a set of rings, "Look what I got!" He went off again.
A little back story about the rings: These rings have been in hubby's family for a long time. Hubby still wears the mans ring. They were the set we got married with. While Hubby and I were separated, I didn't know if we would be getting back together. Since they belonged to his family, I gave them back to MIL, out of respect. I asked that she hold them, until our situation was resolved. Hubby and I had a falling out with MIL, a couple of years ago, and until all this crap happened hadn't done much to resolve it. Which is why she still had the rings. Kirsten asked me about the rings one day. I told her what had happened, and that I was bummed not to have them. That her mother still had them, and I had not gotten around to getting them back. She also talked to Hubby about the rings. He expressed the same dismay at not having them. MIL gave her a couple of rings the day she got out of rehab, including my wedding rings.

She was trying to push his buttons and it worked. He flipped. She was saying "Mom said they were mine and gave them to me." I got him calmed down again, and told him "Your mom probably has a different story. Lets call her." So I did. And MIL said "She told me that you said I had them and she would have to get them from me. I thought you wanted her to have them." I explained to MIL what had actually happened. Then MIL was mad, because she had been conned.
MIL came over and had her say. Told her exactly what was on her mind. And it wasn't good. Kirsten made a big stink about the rings. MIL said "I gave those to my son, to give to HIS wife, and you lied to me to get them." Kirsten looked right at me and said "I'm sorry, if I had been around at the time, you would have been in the hospital." I said "Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you? Your gonna beat the hell out of someone who has nothing to do with it?" I took it as a direct threat. That was her way of saying she could beat the hell out of me, and didn't need much of a reason to do it.
MIL pulled me aside and said something about holding her down to get the rings off her hand. I said I wasn't going to jail for assault. And we could wait until she went to jail and they took them from her.
Nothing was resolved that afternoon. But at least MIL got to say her piece. She asked ahead of time that hubby stay out of it, and he was very good. He stayed in the bedroom until the end.

Later that night, Kirsten was sitting and talking to Itty Bit. She said to her "Man, I wish I could have had a kid as good as you." Her son was sitting right there, and the look on his face... he was crushed.

Friday was a pretty calm day. I had made arrangements with my MIL for ALL the kids to go spend the night with her. They could all use a break from this drama. I told Kirsten about it and that I was going to take them, when Hubby got home.

Around noon, I felt a migraine coming on, so I told her "I have a headache, so I am going to go lay down for a little bit." No sooner did I drift off to sleep, than she knocked on my door. "I'm gonna walk to the corner store, can you do me a favor?" I said, while blocking my eyes from the light, "What?" "If Jason calls, can you tell him I will meet him here?" So I asked "When... are you going to meet him here? He's coming tonight to take you to an NA meeting, right?" "No," she says, "In just a little bit. He's coming over to hang out with me." To which I replied with a groan, and slammed to door in her face.

Then I called hubby... "I thought you told her she wasn't allowed to have any guests over to our house?" "I did." He and I were on the same page. No way in hell was she bringing some dude she met at rehab to my house. Not when my kids were going to be home in about an hour. Not when my husband wasn't here. Hell no! He was still ranting on the phone when she got back, so I gave the phone to her. By the time I got the phone back, she was convinced this would not be a good idea.

A few minutes later I heard her on the phone with her mom... "Yeah, I got his bag packed. No, as soon as he gets here, Brian and I are leaving. She can send whoever she wants after me, I don't give a fuck." After she got off the phone, I called MIL to see what was going on. She said apparently, Kirsten and Brian would be coming to her house, as soon as Brian got home, and that this new boyfriend of hers would be driving them. I said "You know what? Whatever! As long as they are coming to your house... I'll bring the girls when Hubby gets home."

Around dinner time, the guy called "Is Kristen there?" "You mean Kirsten?" I said. "Hold on" I went and banged on her door... "Some dude is on the phone asking for Kristen." "Oh, that's me" she said.
I am thinking, you want to put your son in a truck with some junkie, who doesn't even know your name? Jesus Christ. No danger of you being awarded mother of the year.
She came out into the living room, still talking on the phone. "No, you need to get your ass out here. Well why the hell did you take that when you knew what we were doing? I don't care... Well just drive out here, and I will drive when you get here.... Try my ass, you better."

She asked me for a key. I asked why? She said because she didn't know what time she would be coming home. I said she could call when she got here, I would let her in, but I was not giving her a key.

He did finally show up. And to his credit, he honked for them to come out. Because I was just waiting for him to come to the door. I was going to be polite, because it's not his fault, but he was NOT coming in my house. They left. I tried to get a look at the truck so I could call the cops, but I couldn't see well enough.

Shortly after they left, hubby got home, and I left with the girls. I arrived first at Grandma's house. We were all settled in when they got there. The boyfriend came in with her. Now I am not one to judge a person by the way they look. Really, who am I to speak, when I am covered in tattoos myself, but this guy looked scary. Holes in his ears big enough to put my pinky through. Tattoos on his neck. I can only imagine what Brian is thinking about this guy who is taking his dad's place.

I was supposed to drop the girls off and meet hubby at the house so we could go on a date. No kids=date night. But Kirsten and Jason stayed at MIL's house. So I did too. There was no way I was leaving my kids there with her and this guy. The NA meeting they were supposedly going to was at 8pm. They finally left around 9:30? So much for the meeting.

Hubby and I slept in Sat. morning. It was nice. The phone did not ring in the middle of the night. No one banged on the door. I got up and started cleaning house to get ready for our "After Christmas" party we were hosting that night. A little before 10 am, she came hopping through the door. And when I say hopping, I don't mean like in a giddy good mood. I mean her body was literally jumping up and down.
I don't know what she was on, but she was high on something. Then she started telling me this story about how she spent the night in his truck in front of her mom's house. Dude was passed out and she couldn't get him to wake up. And she didn't know how to get back here, so she just stayed there. And that she finally gave up in the morning, and drove to the gas station to get coffee, and ask for directions back to the house. So I said, "Well you were in front of your mom's house, why didn't you ask her?" She said "Oh, he had to pee last night, so we drove to a place so he could go, cuz I didn't want to knock on mom's door again. Then we couldn't find our way back, so we slept behind some storage place." Hubby came out in the middle of this story. "I drove home, cuz that mother fucker is still passed out in his truck." "Where in his truck?" I asked "In the court" she answered. Oh that was it, Hubby started yelling again. About her being high again, about her boyfriend being passed out in front of the house, about her being out all night, and not being able to tell the truth about anything.

I went out to check on the guy. When I walked back in the house she said "Is it OK, the way the truck is parked out there?" I said "No, it's not OK. Your junkie boyfriend is passed out in his truck, in front of my house, in front of my neighbors. So no, it's not OK!" She didn't say anything.

Hubby and I had to errands to run. As we left, we wrote down the info about this guys truck.
When we got back, the truck was gone, and she was in her room. I assumed she was sleeping off the night before, so I cranked up the radio, and put the sub woofer right on her bedroom wall. Then I went to get the kids.

When I got home, hubby was jammin out to the radio, having a good ole' time cooking. He loves to cook. She had still not come out of her room. My family started arriving around 5. We had a good time. Brian was out with us, and he behaved like an angel. I warned her ahead of time, I was not putting up with her crap today. She never showed her face. Everything was wonderful. I was happy for the first time in months.

Sunday morning, I went to work. When I got home, hubby had been fighting with her again. He explained, what had happened. He was talking to her, and noticed that she was not wearing the rings. When he asked her, she said she hid them at Mom's house, and she wasn't going to tell anyone where they were. He asked her for the pawn ticket. Then he got on the phone with his mom to tell her what Kirsten said about the rings.
Mom was in agreement, that they had probably been pawned, and was ready to go look for them.
It occurred to me that Kirsten couldn't pawn anything, because she doesn't have an ID. So if they were pawned the boyfriend would have done it for her, and we don't know what his last name is. Needless to say, her Mom is furious. I am thinking about turning her room upside down to look for the ticket. I have already tried to call "Jason", but I can't get a hold of him.

While I was talking to MIL, she brought up having Kirsten committed. I said, "You know what? That makes sense. Cuz that girl is a whack job. To do the things she does, you would have to be insane." Then I mentioned that I have a detailed account of events typed out. Turns out that this blog is going to be a great tool in getting custody of Brian.

She spent the weekend screaming at her kid. Threatening to beat him. Hubby kept stepping in and saying "Do you really think that is the way you need to be talking to your son?" She apologized to hubby, but not to her son.

It's Monday morning now, and Itty Bit is sick again. Of course. She had a high fever last night, so she isn't in school today. I don't know whats going on with her. Seems she is popping up with something every week. Maybe she should have spent some time in daycare as a baby?

OK, well as you can imagine, I have another full day of stuff to do. I'll keep ya posted!


  1. Oh my, that sounds like a page out of my childhood book. My momma was crazy.

  2. oh wow.. you are a saint for not having killed that woman yet!!..


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