Thursday, August 6, 2009

100 Followers Update

Real quick I would like to say I now have 78 followers. We are almost there. 1 month to get 22 new followers. Think we can do it? OK, moving on...

Today I want to introduce you to Nann. She is the Etsy Shopkeeper of Blessed Beads By Nann. She created the cutest little things called Book Thongs.

Nann lives in St. Lois and has been crafting all her life. She spent 20 years as a Home Economics teacher. She also owned her own dress making/bridal business for 6 years.

Bead work is relatively new to Nann. She started by making rosaries and things progressed from there. Although she has had great success with brick and mortar stores, she is new to Etsy.

I got the impression that even though she works with jewelry, she might also be addicted to fabric. Sound like anyone else we know? She is also new to the blog world. You can check out her blog.

Nann has been kind enough to contribute this butterfly book thong to my 100 Followers Giveaway.


In addition to the book thongs, her shop also has:


Eyeglass holders


And much more. Her items are very reasonably priced. Bonus... She is having a Summer Sale of sorts. 33% off !!! Please go check her out and support handmade in America.

Blessed Beads By Nann


  1. Those are really nice! Perhaps my mom will be into it. : )

  2. I'm not really into crafts..... ( well.... I don't make anything from scratch, besides babies...... because I have no talent in this area....) but I do love looking at crafts.... and she has some pretty stuff!!! Good luck with the 100 followers... you're really getting there!

  3. Thought I'd drop in to say,'HI!' Thanks to those of you that looked at my stuff. If you have any requests for something that isn't there, I probably can make it for you. Any questions about anything, just leave it in my conversations. I can change lengths & colors. I'm always adding new things. Please check often.

  4. Great stuff! And great new layout too! :)

  5. I have two Google Accounts, so I am adding you to both to help you get to 100! ;D

  6. Oh, I want a Book Thong! The book I'm currently reading is naked - a thong would make a nice gift for it!

    Thanks for joining my blog!

  7. Those are beautiful. I would love to make something like that.


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