Thursday, August 27, 2009

Here's another one for you...

Guess what I got in the mail yesterday?


The headband, not the person. Isn't it cute? Well, Thanks to Dana, it is also part of the giveaway. I told you guys this was going to be good.

Dana makes the cutest head gear for grown ups and kids alike...


Dana-banDs is another new Etsy shop that I fell in love with.

This young designer has big dreams of taking her creations world wide. This is what she said about herself and her product.

For the past twenty-two years, I have lived in a small town called North Haledon of North New Jersey. Living only twenty minutes from the city, I intended on working there one day and break out of the small town girl life.

Since I was five years old, I have dreamed of being in the fashion industry like my mother and aunt . My mother had always told me I had a gift, one in which I could put together an outfit for myself or someone else. She also admired my ability to go into a store like Forever 21 and find the most perfect ensemble with coordinating accessories while the store was basically torn upside down.


At eighteen years old, I got accepted to the University of Delaware and graduated four years later with a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising. Unfortunately, Spring semester of 2009 meant one of the worst economic times since the Great Depression. I knew my career and goals wouldn't come so easily. While everyone was partying their last semester of college, I began turning my graduation blues into something that would unknowingly become a craze. The trends were hot and even with less money I knew I had to keep up on my style. I went out to the local craft store in Delaware and started picking up anything I could find; flowers, feathers, pearls, and rhinestones. I sat down and could not stop! I was making pins and headbands just like in the magazines, except for a fraction of the cost.


Soon roommates, friends, and strangers began noticing my hair accessories and wanted a piece of the collection. I began by giving them away and then the selling started. My creations improved and more and more people took notice.

I now enjoy researching the latest trends and designing headbands that are comfortable and unique. Once I see a band that someone else is selling that looks similar, I discard the design and work on something new. I now get special requests, especially weddings and parties, and soon hope to promote via the Housewives of NJ.

Dana's Etsy Shop

Thanks Dana, for joining in the commotion over her in Left Field. Best of luck to you.


  1. If there's one thing I never leave the house without, it's a headband. These are really nice; so much talent around here ;)

  2. I somehow don't think they'd work for me - balding gray haired guys look a bit odd with headbands and beards. Maybe a new trend!


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