Friday, August 28, 2009

Totally Worth Eating

OK, so I have to share with you...
When I was pregnant with DQ, I loved grilled sandwiches. Especially grilled cheese with tomato and mayonnaise. I think I have previously mentioned my love of Mayo.

When I was pregnant with Itty Bit, I rediscovered the love of stuff grilled between 2 slices of bread. Most important of which was the Grilled PB & J.

No I am not pregnant, nor will I ever be again. My point is, I still make these. My kids love them. You should try it. Much easier to do than say, peanut butter and jelly donuts, which my husband... made... no destroyed my kitchen with. They were good, but so not worth the trouble.

These are no trouble at all and totally worth eating.

It is exactly what it sounds like...

Make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I go easy on the jelly, as it can turn into lava.
Butter both sides and fry that bad boy on med-low until golden brown on both sides. Sorta like a grilled cheese, but better.
Now be careful, they are hot. Don't sue me because your kid burned the piss out of his tongue. I'm telling you they are hot.
After they have cooled for a minute or so I cut the kids' up into 1/4 triangles, to help them cool faster. They will beat each other down with a stick, to be the first in line for these.

Very yummy. I should know... I just ate 2! You'll thank me later, so your welcome!


  1. Sounds delectable!

    PS- thanks for the supportive comment about my coming out.

  2. LOL
    SOunds good! I'd squish some regular tater chips tween the pb&j, the salt does something good to it!

  3. I agree, those are the best! Or just use your toaster and then put the peanut butter and jelly on it! It's yummy!


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