Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Since I am such a giver and in a sharing mood....
Prepare yourself for the best Random Tuesday post ever!!!

We had spaghetti for dinner last night. I ate the other half of a loaf of garlic bread for breakfast.

Every time I get out a paper plate, I can't help but fan myself with it.

I came into the kitchen to get some advil for my headache. Which reminded me of my ulcer, which reminded me to take my prevacid, which I did with a full glass of water like a good girl. 20 mins later, I went back to the kitchen to get some advil for my headache, because I got distracted the first time.

I love mayonaise. I eat cheese sandwiches because it's a reason to eat mayonaise.

I don't like soda. The bubbles irritate me. It is a very rare occasion if you see me drinking it. Like if there was nothing else. But I really like beer. Those bubbles don't bother me a bit.

I can't wait for school to start. Not that I don't love my kids, or even the little girl I babysit. It's just that I am sick of being stuck with them all.freaking.day!

I don't argue with someone unless I know I'm right. And if I can't convince you that your wrong, then I will simply let it go. Why? Knowing I'm right is enough for me. I feel like if I can't point you in the right direction, then your a moron, and there is probably no hope for you anyway.

I got my tubes tied without asking my husband. If he wasn't going to help with babies, then he didn't get an opinion on the matter.

I have lots of funny stories that I want to tell you guys. But I can't ever remember what I was going to write about when I sit down to write.

Do you ever have a hard time dragging your self out of the clutches of sleep? Say when you hear an odd noise in the house in the middle of the night. Yeah, so does Sexy Papa.

My oldest, DQ, left yesterday morning to spend 5 days in D.C. with my Mom. Is it bad that I consider that a mini-vacation for me?

I love shopping. It really makes me feel better. I don't think it's about spending money. I think it's more about having alone time. Because I don't love it so much when someone else is with me.

Hows this for random? A pile of denim.
What do you see?


How about now?


This one is a little easier to make out.


Because when I see a pile of squares, I see something cool.
Like repurposed denim stockings!




I had so much fun making these. And really, that's what it's all about. Enjoyment.

OK, that'll do it for me today. Get in on the action... Go see The Un-Mom and play along.


  1. I laughed quite a bit at this post because I can relate to most of it :) But instead of the garlic bread for breakfast, I have chocolate. I always make sure I have leftovers with chocolate the next day so it doesn't feel like leftovers any more. Just go with it!

  2. Garlic bread for breakfast?! You're a mom after my own heart. Yum.

    And yay for mayo and school starting. Seriously.

    Thanks for stopping by today.

  3. Garlic bread?

    I want garlic bread.

    I fan myself with paper plates, too. Even when it's not hot. I'm always hot now. I used to always be cold. And, no, it's not 'the change'. That's my nutty-kind of-mother-in-law's department.

    Super cute stockings. I wish I could make stuff.


  4. Garlic bread for breakfast and the stockings are great! I think it would be weird if you didn't feel as if you were on a minivacation - we all need them! Great post!

  5. I love people with an eye for creativity like that!

    I hate mayonnaise as much as you love it. It makes me ill just thinking about it.

  6. SO CUTE!!! You are so talented, I love it! :) Every time we have spaghetti we have garlic bread and if we have any left over I eat it all the next day. Breakfast? Sure. Lunch? Yes please!
    I just sent your prize today! :)

  7. I love shopping by myself too. Not so much with others.

  8. I can totally relate to most of your post. But as far as breakfast, I'd rather eat left over pizza or mcDonalds every morning!!

  9. Those stockings are adorable! So CUTE! I love garlic bread for breakfast. I even eat spaghetti for breakfast!

  10. I loved this post! The stockings are so cute!!


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