Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yeah Random Tues.

Random Tuesday... Oh how I love thee. Of all the days of the week, you are the one who best understands me.

Yep, this is what I remember of VA summers. HOT. A heat index of 109 yesterday. And not the "dry heat" that everyone seems to think isn't soooo bad. The nasty, humid, sticky heat, that dictates I let my children stay inside all day long.

The passion that Republicans feel about the possible changes to health care, as upset as all the protesters are... I would bet that all those screaming, ranting, fear soaked lunatics have insurance. As pissed off as they are, I am just as pissed off because I can't go to the fucking Doctor. I DON'T have insurance. Because it will cost my family almost 900 bucks a month to be covered. And can I just say, for the record, that's WAY more than 10% of our monthly income.

I am only 15 followers away from my 100 followers goal. I got the book thong in the mail from Nann yesterday. Thanks Nann! Plus, I finished up a couple more stockings over the weekend. I was thinking of listing these as a twin set. What do you think?



I know they are not traditional Christmas themed, but I thought they were cute.

Getting a kid registered for school is a pain in the ass.

Hey did you guys know I am a contributor to The Real World: Venus vs. Mars ? No, you probably didn't. I only just signed on last week. You should go check it out. We talk about all kinds of stuff, including s e x!

Get in on the Randomness that is Random Tuesday. And you too could feel the love I have for this modest day of the week. Or you could just visit The Un-Mom to see who else is spouting off at the mouth in total randomness.


  1. I'm "officially" representing Keely today...consider her represented.

    Here in FL, we rarely play outside. We bought a huge swingset back in the spring and my kids can't even use it since they turn purple after being outside for more than fifteen minutes.

    I'm going to be nice and not Republican bash on your blog but know that in my head, some mean things are being said.

  2. The republicans continue to amaze and infuriate me. I don't see how they can claim that health care reform would be too expensive when right now health care providers are having a hard time getting paid at all from under or uninsured patients. Obviously that isn't working!

    I love the pink stockings!

  3. Ooo I think the stockings are super cute!
    I know I'll prob get some back lash for this but so be it... I would rather have a gov't run health care system than an Insurance and pharmaceutical driven one. I'll pay a bit more if it means I can take my child to the hospital and walk out with out co-pays and multiple bills in the thousands and I'd be thrilled if prescription meds were free or a heck of a lot cheaper.
    I pray the protestors never have a child with needs or fall victim to cancer they'd be whistling a whole different tune.

  4. I went for years without health insurance so I completely understand how you feel. Unless you've been without, it's hard to relate.

  5. registering kids at school is the worst!

  6. Yikes. I'm not one of the screaming repubs. but I don't want Govt. healthcare because I just imagine waiting in line at the Post Office or the DMV and then apply that to healthcare and it's scary. Although, the Govt. does need to get in there and fix the damn system where the insurance and pharmaceutical companies basically bend us over and stick it to us every.time.we.go to the dr.
    Anyway, on a way happier note, I'm loving the stockings and did you know you won our giveaway on the bookclub blog?

  7. I agree about the registration thing.
    Have a Wonderful Tuesday!

  8. I'm so sorry about the insurance situation. It maddens me that anyone in this country had to go without insurance. It's just not right.

  9. PA has been having HOT and HUMID weather, too...it's so stifling it's sort of mandatory we stay indoors even though we don't have central air...at least with the window units in specific rooms it's only 82 in the house vs. 90-100 outside. :)

    I'm not sure what to think about the reform - the cost of insurance is ridiculous, we pay because we can't afford not to...but really, we can't afford it, either. Hubby's paycheck gets ravaged each month - and yet, we still aren't 100% covered so there's more 'out of pocket' when we need to go to the doctor. Every year he's gotten his annual raise, and ironically every year the cost of insurance has been raised that exact same amount. I guess I better read up on things, because I have no idea if I'm 'for' or 'against' it. :)

    Happy RTT! :)

  10. hmm... i feel a bit like you've stolen my life after reading this. Yes, school regsitration is a total pain and I had to do it x3. Also un-insured and totally sick of all the insured people bitching that me and my kids have no right to healthcare! Oh, and those Christmas stockings? Way cute. They remind me of the Kazakh stockings. which when I really think about it is kind of strange because they don't really even celebrate Christmas in Kazakhstan. They have the stockings though!

  11. It is funny how we can give billions to the banks that are giving people ulcers, but we can't give the people with the ulcers the possibility to get them fucking taken care of!

  12. Digging the stockings!

    Hot...and I like the heat.
    One more day they say and it will cool off again.

  13. Those socks are really cute. I have had pink w/ my Christmas tree two years running. I was scoffed for adding the pink! LOL

  14. I liked Hillary's idea that you got to just keep your insurance and those without had government insurance. We also need to fix the lawsuit problem.


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