Sunday, May 31, 2015

Dear So and So

Another installment of Dear So and So where I tell off people who I can't normally. I have a lot of bitching to do...This may become a weekly thing.

Dear Drivers, 
If you block an intersection, your light turns red, and you sit in said intersection until you light turns green again, you have no grounds to be pissed at me, when I go against my light and nose my way into the line, effectively forcing you to let me in. You were breaking the law by sitting in the intersection through a red light. We've all go places to be. Don't be a douche.

Dear Designer,
Just because you have no real skill in life, doesn't mean you get to make the skilled peoples lives more difficult. Picking 8 different colors for a $200 job, feels a lot like you trying to get over on me. The next job I get with you, will include the price of all the paint I just bought. So think carefully about how many colors you want to use for your jobs. You WILL pay for it one way or another. Cuz here's the thing, my skill is far more in demand than yours.

Dear Sun,
Fuck you with your skin damaging rays. How dare you burn the backs of my legs through my blue jeans!!!

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