Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tied Hands

In case you've forgotten, DQ stands for Drama Queen. And oh does she love the drama. She confessed recently, that she picks fights with me when she's bored, because... well she's bored.

Her In-home-therapist advised me to file charges for destruction of property. Why? Because no consequence I've handed out have made a bit of difference. And, she is a minor. Her "record" will be sealed when she turns 18. So maybe, just maybe, we could make an impression without life long reverberation. 

I called the non-emergency police number Monday afternoon, and requested they dispatch an officer to take a report. I explained to the officers what was going on, and the desired outcome of my call.

The answer? We won't charge a minor with destruction of property. If she were to destroy someone elses property, you, as her custodian, would be responsible for the restitution. So it doesn't really matter because you would have to pay yourself back.


Yes, apparently, in this city, my kid can destroy anything she wants without consequence. Well fucking great! Now what am I supposed to do?

They gave her a "stern talking to", again. The young officers expressed that they had hope the "talk" would help her see the light. I all but laughed at them. I have a great respect for our law enforcement. But come on guys. You think you're 20 minute chat is going to do something 4 years of therapy hasn't been able to? Give me a break!!!

My hands are essentially tied. She can do whatever she wants and there is nothing I can do about it? And when she goes manic one day and shoots up a public venue? Oh that will be my fault, because I didn't seek the right kind of help for my messed up kid.


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