Sunday, May 3, 2015

Lunatic Luau

Our local rock station has a huge concert every spring called the Lunatic Luau. I've wanted to go for many years, but life ( read money ) always got in the way.

This year, my bestie and I turned 40. Yes, my best friend is a dude. Seems logical, when you realize I don't get along with girls. Anyway...

(Bestie and I, drunk as 40 year old skunks, during our birthday bar crawl)

This year I threw caution to the wind, and splurged on VIP tickets for me and my bestie to the Lunatic Luau. This meant we would have the best seats spot in the house to watch all the bands. AND, access to the VIP lounge, ( read bar ) private restrooms, preferred parking and first access to meet and greets. 

On the ticket was Slayer, (blah) Godsmack, Halestorm, Papa Roach, and The Pretty Reckless. A lot of other bands too, but that's who I wanted to see.

So... after waiting 2 months for this event to end all others, May 1st finally arrived and it was... COLD and Raining! My feet were wet before we even got into the amphitheater. Did I mention it was outside? 9 hours outside in the cold and wet. Thank god for the covered shelter that VIP tickets afforded us.

The highlights of the show:
Halestorm was awesome, as usual. I got to meet them, and they were very humble.
Godsmack was ok, Sully apparently had a cold. I was expecting a lot more, honestly. And they didn't do meet and greet. Never had any intention to. Assholes!
Papa Roach was awesome, as usual. Jacoby did what he always does, got off stage and ran around in the crowd. He was covered in mud by the time he was done. That's good people, right there.
But the best part, hanging out with my bestie. We're both "grown-ups" with real lives, so we don't get to hang out much. 

May 3, 2015

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