Thursday, May 14, 2015

Another Bing

The Ah-ha moment, if you will. I've been pondering what to name my boyfriend on the blog. I suspect I will be writing about him for a long time. 

Superman? He is my hero...
Mr. Kent? Mr. Wonderful? Mr. Perfect?
Freak? He associates well with that...
Biker Babe? Too girly sounding!
Fur Face? We're closing in on ZZ Top lengths.
Hot to Trot? He does make me weak in the knees.
Hot Rod? Hot Rod... I think we may have something here. 

Yes, yes. I think we have a winner. From this day forward, I shall call him HotRod. Uh, I realize there should be a space between hot and rod. It's a fictitious name. And it's my blog. I'll do what I want, damn it!

In other news, I put in a bid for the mural job. This is the ONE and only part I hate about my job. Trying to put a dollar value on my time. But I do it anyway, because, well, I have to. And what do you know, I got the job. So add this to my already full plate. Don't mistake that for complaining. I'll move other stuff around to do a mural any day!

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