Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Random Vodka Goodness

The Un-Mom used to host a Random Tuesday Thoughts. I don't see that she's even writing a blog anymore, so I'll just carry on this little tradition myself. This format fits perfectly, because it's how my brain actually works.  

I'm at it again, in case you haven't noticed. Blogging. Which means I've got a case of bloggers brain. I come across stuff, and think, 'Oh, that would make a great blog post.' I write the post in my head, complete with hilarious snarky wit. All Day Long. Man this is gonna be great. Unfortunately, I also have a chronic case of Mommy brain. Which means, by the time I sit down to write said post, all pertaining data has been essentially deleted from the hard drive.

I've found my new favorite Vodka. Pinnacle. This shit comes in all sorts of flavors, and it's actually very tasty. I prefer my vodka straight out of a shot glass. I'm not big on fluffy girly drinks. So the fact that Pinnacle Vodka goes down so smooth works well for me. I've also noticed that I usually don't have a hangover the morning after over indulgence. 
As a side note, apparently brown liquor and I don't get along well. One shot of whiskey will knock me on my ass, and give me a hangover. 6 shots of Pinnacle, however, equals a happy drunk with no hangover.

Itty Bit is a great helper. She volunteers to do chores, laundry, cleaning the bathroom, dusting. This does not mean she is a clean child. Her bedroom looks like a bomb went off. She'd rather throw it all out than clean it up. I can't wrap my head around the fact that she would prefer cleaning a toilet to picking up her own toys.

The Douche is currently $13,000 + in arrears. That's almost enough for a down payment on a house. Also, he has no job. I feel so sorry for his girlfriend. He text me Friday afternoon to say; 'I can't get Itty Bit this weekend. I don't have the gas money to get out there. I'm having a hard time finding a job because they suspended my license for non-payment of support.'  Bahahahaha, oops, I think I'm supposed to feel sorry for him.

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