Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Stress Indicator

I should rely on my stress levels to tell me when my stomach is going to go bonkers. Unfortunately it's the other way around. My Stomach lets me know when I'm stressed the fuck out!

The last couple years of my marriage, when things were down right scary, I started having these terrible stomach pains. They came on at night. And it was all I could do not to cry. My stomach became distended. I could not lay down or sit. I'd have to stretch myself over pillows in an upright position, just to breathe.

That's when I learned about Prilosec. Wonderful stuff, lemme tell ya. Whoever invented that deserves a blow job. Not from me, but from someone. You take a pill once a day for 14 days. You can only repeat this regimen every 4 months. But it works. The Prilosec turns the acid pumps off, giving the holes time to heal.

After I got rid of the husband, my stomach magically stopped doing that. 

THEN, a year later I was going through court. A LOT! I was scared I might lose custody of Itty Bit. The stomach problems came back. It was so bad one day, that I could hardly move. I think I scared the poor pharmacist when I went in looking for relief that day. I looked like a fiend going through withdrawl. My hands holding me up on her counter, shaking from pain, with a gun on my hip. (I always wore it back then) Begging her to help me. She pointed me in the direction of Zantac. Because it starts working within an hour. I got that and prilosec. I could have kissed her, but I'm sure she would have had me arrested.

I haven't really had much problems since then. The girls and I have been on our own. And my stress levels have been pretty even.

Imagine my dismay when two nights in a row I was woken by this pain again. The first night I took Zantac. It took a couple hours to work, but it did, and I managed to get a little sleep. 

Last night, same thing. But this time I took the Zantac and nothing. Hours later, I figured it was because there was still food in my stomach. Tried to induce vomiting, and nothing! At 5am I gave up and went to the pharmacy. Do you know they don't sell epicack (spelling?) anymore? Well they don't. But the very concerned pharmasist told me it would be ok to take Prilosec now, and tums soft chews until the prilosec kicks in. I ate an entire 24 hour dose of tums sitting in the parking lot. 

In the middle of this chaos, it occurred to me that I am probably at record stress levels at the moment. All the jobs I have working and the bullshit with DQ? Yeah I think that's probably it.

I did manage to fall asleep half an hour before it was time to get DQ up for school. I love that they are old enough to get ready without me. I woke up a little after 8 and they were both gone. To school I assume. Lets hope.

I think HotRod must have seen my late night rant on Facebook about said pain. When I checked my phone there was a text from him:
You are my sunshine....my only sunshine....you make me happyyyyy....cuz you're not gay....

That made me chuckle a little.

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