Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Price of Pretty

My Body Hurts!

I have ladder bruises, from leaning against the rungs to reach high up and not fall on my ass. I may have almost fallen off the 8 foot ladder. I definitely gave myself a heart attack.

My shoulders ache from the pressure required to make sure all the cracks and peels are sealed up tight with a roller. 

My back and shoulders itch for the sun I got. Even though I took measures to ensure I wouldn't get sun. (I'm highly allergic) I can feel the hives and the bra straps are not my friend at the moment. While we're talking about the sun, I've got funny little lines on the backs of my legs. That's what I get for wearing shorts and knee pads.

And... I'm exhausted. Long long days, spent doing what I love. 

I can't believe I get paid to do what I love. Most mornings I look forward to going to work. When I have a mural job, I can't wait to get out the door.  I'm a very lucky girl.

I've been trying to remember to film the work progress. My camera will only take 25 mins of video at a time. So I have to remember to go and hit record again. Well, when I'm wrapped up in painting, nothing else is on my mind. But here are some pictures of the progress.

I forgot to take a "before" pic. This is the closest I have. I'd already starting painting the road at this point.

The road and the cross walk all color blocked.

 Progress so far

I love this car. I used to have a 1971, canary yellow.

 And the sun burn

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