Friday, March 29, 2013

Excused Absence

For those of you not following along, I'm moving. Only a couple houses down, but still. The same amount of work will be required.

Before I can move though, the new house needs a tiny bit of work. Mainly the carpets need to be cleaned and everything needs to be painted. The homeowner had a nasty cat, and their kids peeled the paint in spots, just for fun.

So that's what I'll be doing this weekend. We've got a brand new carpet cleaner and a bottle of enzyme solution. We've got a 5 gallon bucket of Behr premium paint. My new roomie and I will be up to our elbows in making the new house beautiful.

And really, I can't wait.

I never asked to move in with the roommates we have now. The wife suggested it. It was to be a win/win situation. They could get their house out of foreclosure, and I would have a live in babysitter to get my kids off the bus.

My current roommates did not keep their promises.

This house was supposed to be a good place for my kids. I was told that she wouldn't yell at or punish my children. I was told she would be around to help my kids with homework and snack in the afternoon. I was told that we would all work together on things like meals and cleaning.

The reality is:
My kids, especially DQ, get treated like second class citizens. The wife has threatened to punch my child. The husband has told her not to speak to him ever again.

Her idea of helping my kids in the afternoon is to unlock the door for them. And many days, she's forgotten to do that. I get a call from my neighbor saying Itty Bit is locked out.

They don't clean anything, especially the litter boxes for their 4 cats. I've been told everything smells like cat piss and menthol cigarettes. (I don't have a sense of smell) They left their Christmas tree up until the end of February. Hell there are still lights hanging off the house.

In the time we've been here, ONE meal has been served that I didn't cook. One time, I came home and dinner was already cooking. And even then, I had to clean up after it. I was responsible for dinner every single day except that one.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am miserable in a mess. My home has always been clean and organized. I'm slightly germ phobic. All this filth had nearly driven me crazy.

My new roomie, Mel, is awesome. She is also a single mother with 2 kids. Her oldest is autistic. We're going to call him Whip, because he is as smart as one. He is high functioning because of the love and attention she's paid to him. Her youngest is Itty Bit's best friend. We're going to call her Fire. One, because she has beautiful red hair, and two because she is a fire cracker!

Mel is Itty Bit's girl scout troop leader. She is clean and organized. At least that's what I've seen when I visit. Lets hope it stays that way.

We've pooled our resources to make a nice home. She has a vacuum, I have pots and pans. Together we're going to provide our kids a safe, clean, fun and loving home.

We both look forward to big family meals and family game night. Our home is going to be filled with music and laughter.

On a side note, I have a second date this weekend. We're going to call him Aquarius. He has long, blond hair crawling down his back. He is funny as hell. I think I scare him just a bit, but he's being brave in asking me out. We had a couple drinks at Applebee's earlier this week. And the kiss goodnight was the best one I've had in more years than I can remember. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to more of those.

So for now, I'm going to be away from the blog world. Shouldn't take me too long. And the internet is being turned at the new house Monday.

Until I get things settled, or something happens that's so extrodinary I can't wait to share....

Love   Peace   and chicken grease~!


  1. Here's to new beginnings! I love the smell of paint, it is so optimistic.

  2. Here's to new beginnings! I love the smell of paint, it is so optimistic.


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