Monday, March 18, 2013

Bam is Confused

I must apologize in advance for the poor grammar, spelling and writing structure of this post. I only changed Bam's text to remove my child's name and put DQ in it's place.

As previously stated, I had no problems getting over Bam. The way he dropped me spoke volumes about his character. Keeping in mind that he broke up with me, I'll share the message I got from him last week.

Well since you obviously don't get it and lost complete interest in me and already looking for someone else, Don't count on me being your second chance if your next partner doesn't work, You really want to know why I broke up with you, you have no respect, 2 fuckin weeks and you are already looking, good luck to you and consider this goodbye forever!

I responded with a simple message:
Who said I was dating. And why should it matter to you? You didn't want me, remember? And you will see me again. I've got your DC hoodie and a ring that you want back.

The next day I found this in my email:

You're right, you don't matter to me "now", The way you acted, you being all loud and critical about Debbie's church and shit when we were just trying to help your daughter. We tried our best to help you, you expected your daughter who's so smitten with some boy to just wait one week, to just stop contact, just like that. You don't know what love is. Which is why you are so quick to look for another guy. I could tell with her in the room that she was really in love with the guy even though it was stupid love, just like I with you. She gave you good advice but you put a stupid one week test out there? You knew DQ was going to break that. Anyone who's in love would break your stupid fucking one week test. And I told you when I gave you that second chance that you are going to have to help me rebuild my trust in you. You not only ignored that but made it worse with your selfish attitude and some of your wreckless decisions to do with DQ. I tried so fucking hard to be nice to you but you keep testing my nerve, well now you tweaked it with not respecting what we had, not even 2 weeks and you are trying to date, absolutely no respect for what we had which probably didn't mean shit to you since you are back on the block getting your fuck on. And to think I was going to wait for you? Damn, I was stupid. Atleast I can say from my end that breaking things off with you was a damn good decision. Thanks for using me and wasting my time. I see now why there are some people who dislike you. Keep the hoody and ring, I do not want to see or hear from you ever again. God help you and your fucked up ways.

I was a little steamed when I read this. I resisted the urge to respond though. This relationship is over. No need to go back and forth. Besides, it sounds as though he's got some twisted ideas about me. Whats the point of trying to change his mind when I really don't care what his opinion is?

For the record, his friend Debbie told me her church was non-denominational. In reality it was an extreme evangelical “church” They scared the hell out of DQ. Speaking in tongues and falling on the floor and shit. I was pissed when I got her back that night!!!

DQ broke every household rule when she found this boy. She's not allowed to date. She's not allowed to have simulated internet sex. She needs to focus on herself and the mess she's in. But then Bam is not a parent, so he wouldn't understand the things we'll do to keep our kids safe. Being that he is a child himself, I guess he would take DQ's side.

Bam didn't give me a second chance. It was a lot closer to the other way around. I tried to tell him I couldn't devote the time he required of a girlfriend. He said he would take what he could get.

I ain't getting my fuck on. I'd like to, but ultimately, I'm not a whore.

And on a final note, YAY! I get to keep the hoodie. I love this fuckin' thing. And the ring, a tungsten carbide black band. I've got no problems keeping that either. It matches the original black band I had that I gave to DQ when I got the new one. We have matching rings. That's what I see when I look at it. It doesn't remind me of Bam.

So for you Bam... YOU can fuck off and get bent!

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  1. Sounds like you made the right move when you decided that he is not for you at this time of your life. He comes across like one selfish individual to me.


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