Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rise! Again and Again

Mama Kat is giving me $500.00 to spend on only one thing? I knew I liked this broad!
So...$500 bucks, eh? Do I have to tell anyone I have this money? I'd like to say I would pay off a bill, or buy a new couch, (my roomie's cats trashed mine) or donate it to charity. Buuuut let's face it, I am the poor right now, so, no. My kids don't really need anything, part of the reason I am so broke.

I have been sacrificing for years now, and going without. It's time Momma did a little something for herself. If I had 500 bucks to use on only one thing, I couldn't think of anything better than getting this tattoo.

It will span my entire upper arm, from shoulder to elbow. It will also look great with the less than awesome tattoo I have on my forearm. And is it just a coincidence that $500 is about what I estimate this tattoo will cost?

All of my tattoos have a special meaning to me. I drew every piece I'm wearing. I'm especially fond of the “dream” tattoo. I was not allowed to get anymore tattoos, per The Douche. When I told him I wanted a divorce, I drew that up. When the convention came to town, I went and had it done. Sort of a “Fuck you very much” cuz now I'm dreaming of a life without you.

The phoenix is exactly what you think it is. The representation of me coming up out of the ashes. Surviving the fight to fly another day. I want it to be bright and bold. I want it to scream, 'You can't keep me down!'

In other news; Any Girl Scout Moms out there? You don't want to miss this: The Joys of Cookie Season

You can participate in Mama Kat's writers workshop too. Just pop over there and get the low down. Don't tell her I sent you though. She might not let you in.

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  1. I think that is a beautiful Phoenix tattoo! Here's hoping the money fairy comes your way for something you want. :-)

  2. Ohhh pweeettyyy! I want to, but don't think I'd ever get a tatto and hubby would probably flip!

    Cinella @ TMB


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