Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Random Thoughts

Why can't I ever write a short blog post? Aside from random thoughts and the like, I can't limit my bitchin' at all. I'm convinced you guys need/want all the details.

The POFer seeking a 1950's Submissive Housewife wants to meet me. I'm positive there is absolutely nothing in my profile that would indicate I might be interested in getting to know someone like him. I'm laughing hysterically about this one.

I've decided I hate cookie booths. Standing around for two hours is boring. Do you know how much crap I can get done in two freakin' hours? Thank God we are on our last week!!!

I miss playing with Legos. I have always loved those little plastic, sharp edged blocks. Except when I step on one. Then they suck. But otherwise they are all together awesome!

I just found out Anderson Cooper is gay. I never had a clue.

On a final note, I'd like to encourage everyone to read this post at Late Enough: Friends Don't Let Friends Rape  It is not happy or funny, but it IS important. 

In case you missed it, I bitched about:


  1. I absolutely hate wasting my time standing around. That cookie booth would've driven me crazy. That's why I never volunteer for anything.

    Good luck with the 1950s Submissive Housewife front. I can't imagine what kind of fun that guy will be!

  2. I can't write a short blog post either! I've been getting better, but it's difficult. Though this random post WAS short. '50's Housewife dude sounds like a real catch - overweight smoker who works in a shipyard. Hmmm.


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