Monday, April 27, 2009

Random Tuesday, The Bitch Edition


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OK, now it's my turn...
This swine flu is really freaking me out. I have been saying for years "Wash your hands" but my kids can't seem to get that message. So now what do I say, "wash your hands your life could depend on it."? Also I feel a strong need to go "stock up" on crap that is likely to be expensive if this thing goes pandemic. I am trying to ignore it, but if you come to my house and see 100 cans of tuna, stacked up next to 50 jars of peanut butter, you'll know why.
At various points throughout my life, people have actually told me I'm a bitch. Well, they haven't told me themselves, other people have informed me on their behalf. Because, lets face it, I don't know anyone brave enough to tell someone to their face.

I got to thinking about this last night... I am not a bitch! I am the friend always trying to solve other friends problems. Problems they have laid on me hoping to get a resolution, because they know I am a problem solver. I am a peace maker. I would give you the shirt off my back, if it didn't lead to me being arrested for indecent exposure. I give of myself to everyone else, until I drop from exhaustion. And... I don't complain about it, any of it.

In light of this I have come to a conclusion... I am not a bitch. I've just had the misfortune to be surrounded by people who get mad when they don't get their way.
Speaking of being bitchy, I am about to relinquish my title of Not-a-Bitch to have a ranting, raving, screaming hissy fit. I am a clean person. As a matter of fact I only know one person with a house cleaner than mine. And everyone tells her she is OCD clean. I am at peace in a clean house. In contrast I am a nervous wreck when it's not clean.

I realize I am a stay at home/work at home mom. That is why, up to this point, I have not really complained about everyone's mess. I have kindly asked that the toys not be all over the living room floor, along with dirty socks, and empty soda cans. But apparently no one around here responds to "kindly". Including Sexy Papa. Seriously, how do you drop trash on the floor and just walk away? Why does everyone need 4 pairs of shoes by the front door? Do you really have to change your clothes 3 times a day and leave the "dirty" ones on your floor?

DQ emptied the electric pencil sharpener yesterday. I have asked her in the past not to do that. If she needs it emptied, I will do it for her. BUT NO... she did it anyway. And, spilled pencil shavings and graphite all over the floor and into the cats water bowl. Did she clean it up? Hell no. That's what Mom is for. Sorry, I didn't get the memo. I made her come out and clean it up, but that's not the point.

I feel like I start at one end of the house, and put everything away, and wipe everything up. By the time I am done, I need to start all over again. My kids are 29, 10 and 5. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect my house to be a little cleaner by this point. Before I had kids, you could lick my kitchen floor, confident that it was as clean as it could be. Now, no matter how much I sweep and mop, I don't want to walk in there barefoot, because I know it's likely something is going to stick to my feet.
I have received a couple of awards and been tagged in the last week. I love awards. I don't generally fill out "lists", or pass that sort of work on. I have been recovering from our "not-vacation" the past week, so I haven't really put the energy into posting about these things. Sorry to all that have bestowed their kindness on me. I'm not really a bitch, I love awards. I've just been tired.

Is it Friday yet? NO? OK, I think I'm done then.


  1. "Seriously, how do you drop trash on the floor and just walk away? Why does everyone need 4 pairs of shoes by the front door? Do you really have to change your clothes 3 times a day and leave the "dirty" ones on your floor?"

    SERIOUSLY!?! I could have written that exact same thing...must be universal!

    ps - I don't think you're a bitch!

  2. I'm totally NOT freaking out about Swine Flu. Seriously, I haven't read one article about it. I feel like if it's not Swine Flu, it's Bird Flu. If not that, then Salmonella in our salads. They're always trying to freak us out with something that rarely ever amounts to anything for MY family, so why bother getting freaked out?

    I've been called a bitch, too, behind my back. I think it's because I'm honest. Blunt, some would say. It's not a good feeling to be called that, but I'd much rather be a bitch than be a phony. And I hope you know I was kidding when I called you a bitch in my Sawyer comment. ;)

    And I could have written that post about cleaning myself. Aaaaagh! Pencil shavings are the worst! What is so hard about emptying the sharpener over the trash can???

  3. Rachel, I knew you were kidding about that. All in good fun. The other people who call me a bitch, not so much fun. But to hell with 'em.

  4. So, is bitch a good thing or a bad thing?
    I'm with ya on the tuna and peanut butter thing.

  5. I'm a self-proclaimed bitch... it's easier that way. ;-)

  6. I'm sure the nicest, most selfless woman ever has been called a bitch at some point.

    You'd hate my house ;) I'm all about letting things slide around here...

  7. my husband's cousins wife told me that everyone in his (my hubs) family told her to stay away from me b/c I was a bitch - this was told to her before we ever go married - I didn't find out this lovely piece of info until he (hubs) and I were married for 3 years! I was gobsmacked - the bitches! I won't talk to any of them now!

  8. On the swine flu, I think the media is blowing it way out of proportion, but seriously I live across the road from a pig farm, it's kind of freaking me out. Oh, and I heard this morning that there is a recall on alfalfa sprouts. What next?!?

    I too love a clean house, but it never seems to last. Someone will walk across my cleam floor with muddy shoes or dump something juicy over in the fridge (my fave!) and expect me to clean it up, so annoying!

    And you're a bitch? Funny, me too!

  9. I say what I think and if I think you are being a bitch I say it. LOL
    I can clean and clean and it never stays that way. Love your post -- TFS

  10. I agree with Rachel....not freaking out about Swine Flu (yet). I like the idea of telling your kids to wash their hands b/c their life depends on it. I'm going to try that tactic today when they get home from school. It is worth a try.

    So, I just noticed you have a Friday Foxy thing. I do Friday Eye Candy on my blog. Great minds think alike. I'm following you now because I never get sick of cute boys. :)

  11. I'm right there with you on the husband just dropping crap all over the house. Oh, right. I stay at home, I'm a 24hr maid, eh? Along with a 24hr short-order cook as well, apparently.

  12. Half the time I could follow a trail of stuff my son sheds as he comes in the door from school - drives me nuts! congrats on your bloggy awards ;)

  13. Us 'non-bitches' should start our own club... ;)

    I love it - I can absolutely relate to everything you wrote. Everything.

    Great Randomness!! :)

  14. The clean house thing is a constant problem and I can get really bitchy about that issue. My solution, drugs.
    I bet those trouble makers have called you a bitch because they are so jealous of you :). Keep smiling, it'll drive them crazy!


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