Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm Back... Foxy Friday On Monday

Seems some of you were bummed that I didn't post for Foxy Friday, a hottie of the week. I am not mentioning any names. Tell ya the truth, I am kinda missing it too, so here we go. For all of us.

This week we have Justin Hartley. I got my first peek at him on Smallville. My husband got me hooked on that. And since Justin made his debut as The Green Arrow, I haven't missed an episode. Seems as though I maybe a Science Fiction junkie. Apparently he got his start on some soap, but I don't watch those, so I wouldn't know. I know, I know... He is a pretty boy. But I really like him in his Green Arrow hood.





The guy behind him is Tom Welling. I will feature him one of these days, cuz he is a cutie too.

OK, now that's out of the way. I am back, or should I say we are back.

We didn't get to see the stuff we were going to stop and see on the way back. We hit Memphis at rush hour Friday afternoon. URG, I really wanted to stop, but it was a little insane out there. Then yesterday we got caught in a storm for 6 hours. There was no stopping at Skyline Drive either.

We had a blast in TN. I stopped to see a friend who lives out there. Funny thing, her house is exactly 1/2 way between me and my brother. 17 miles off the interstate I take to get home. We got there late Friday night. I was nice to break the drive up and get a nights sleep in the middle. We hung out at her house all day Sat. She had some friends over for a bonfire. I met her new boyfriend, and his daughter, who is DQ's age. They made fast friends, and now can't wait for them to come visit us in the summer.

BUT... can someone please explain to me why... every time I take the kids on a road trip, one of them gets sick? Because Itty Bit spiked a fever Sat. evening. She said her throat hurt. I figured it was allergies, but I stopped drinking (boo) so I could keep an eye on her. I gave her Clairitin and she didn't get much better. Couple hours later gave her Motrin.

At 3 am she woke me up with her sneezing. I took her temp and it was 104!!! So my friend and I sat her up and got some more Motrin in her. That's when I noticed the puddle she was laying in. She had peed in her sleep??? She never wets the bed. But she peed... On my friends leather couch. We had laid a sheet over the couch so it soaked most of it up. But I was worried at that point. We got her cleaned up. I was more upset about the couch than my friend was. Itty Bit went right back to sleep but I stayed up. I was freaking out, trying to figure out the best plan of action.

I took her temp again at 4:30 and it had gone down considerably. By 8 am she was back to normal. She did not remember being woken in the middle of the night, or peeing. She actually seemed to be doing much better. So I packed up the car and headed for home. On the way home, DQ started complaining of an icky belly. I think she was just exhausted and ate to much junk the night before.

Anyway, we are home now. DQ went to school this morining. Itty Bit still has a low grade fever, but other than that seems fine. I think after 40 hours of driving in a week, we all need a day of rest. As a matter of fact, I think am going back to bed right now!


  1. He was on Passions (the worst soap ever) and his name was, get this... FOX!

    Didn't you know that no good family vacation is complete without at least one child getting violently ill? A few years ago we flew to Arizona to visit family and the night before we flew home, my daughter developed one nasty b*tch of an ear infection. And let me tell you flying with a kid who has an ear infection is NOT fun.

    Glad you're back!

  2. Every time we travel by plane, my kids get sick. Vomiting, croup, high fever, ear infection, its unbelievable! Something always seems to happen and we're visiting "doc in the boxes" out of state. Usually they feel sorry for us!

    So glad you're back in one piece and every one is on their way to recovery. And thanks for posting the cutie - whoa baby!


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