Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random Tuesday, The Road Trip Edition


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Alright, some of you know, but for those who are sitting in the back of the class goofing off, I will catch you up. I decided (yes I should be smacked for my stupidity) to take my 2 children on a road trip for spring break. We went from the south east coast of Virginia, where we live, to the Arkansas/OK boarder. That is 20 hours of driving, not including stops, each way! Now that we all understand my level of stupidity, let me begin...


DQ and Itty Bit fight, non stop, and argue about everything. Why did I think threatening them with turning around and going home would make a difference in their behavior in the car? Portable DVD players are great, if in fact your children can agree on a movie to watch. I didn't have that type of child in my car.

Itty Bit HATES public restrooms. Even at the tender age of 5, she knows they are dirty and smelly and loud. Poor thing only has 2 hands. It's kind of funny to see her try to plug her nose and cover her ears at the same time. Why didn't I consider this before I decided to go?

Speaking of public restrooms... Ladies, if we all work together, our bathrooms would not be so yucky. I mean really, you don't think that lazy ass attendant at the gas station counter is going to do his job do you?

I think there is a limit to how much McDonald's a person can consume in their lifetime. I am pretty sure, after this trip, I have reached my threshold. Please, don't make me eat McDonald's again...EVER!

I am, really, getting to old for this shit! I didn't think I was, but really, I don't like driving for that long. There used to be a time when I could take a 15 hour drive up to MI for a weekend, no worries. That is not the case now. I get tired and bored, and would rather find a bar and have a beer!


On an interstate, with only 2 lanes to travel in, Drive on the Right...Pass on the Left!!! The government has spent tons of tax dollars putting up signs that say "Slower Traffic Keep Right"....Listen to them! Being scared of falling off the side of the mountain, is not a good enough reason to do 5 under the speed limit in the fast lane. If you still feel you MUST travel like that, for the love of all things good, when you see me coming up behind you, like a bat out of hell, move the fuck over. I'll be past you in just a second, then you can move you pookie ass back to the fast lane.

If you don't know how to drive a massive RV, why did you buy one? Hey don't get me wrong, I don't think I could drive one either...That's why I didn't buy one! News flash...they are big. This is not your little Volvo. If you don't think you could drive an 18 wheel big rig, you probably can't drive that RV either!

Truckers, you do this for a living...you should know when your tired it's time to pull over and sleep. I am nearly positive the receiver would rather you be late, than have the load lost in the middle of the interstate. And it's a real pain in the ass being stuck behind a double truck laying on it's side across the entire road.

Lovely citizens of TN: Where I live, we have discovered safety in numbers applies to the interstate. We all drive real fast, because they can't pull us all over! You should try it. All of you!

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  1. LOL, over the crazy people who think they can drive an RV and "Slower traffic keep right", still laughing! I totally agree! (rolling on the floor laughing)

  2. Sounds like you had a great time!LOL! We're going on a road trip in 3 weeks and I'm pretty sure it'll play out the way you described. I'm with Itty Bit...I hate public restrooms too! Nasty! I'm always telling the kids "Don't touch anything!"

  3. Wow. Yep, we're into the safety in numbers sppe limit idea up here too. Great thought.

    Oh, and the McD thing? I had my fill at University. My kids make their Dad take them, I can't stomach it either unless of course I'm drunk, which I try not to do around the kids.... :)

  4. I can't tell you how many of those 20 hour rides I've been through. The mess, the fights, and everything else...

  5. hahahaha. i like the safety in numbers idea. i never thought of it that way, but i know just what your talking about!

  6. Safety in numbers = absolutely true.

    In fact, the speed limit = the flow of traffic. Don't you think it's dangerous to go 55 if EVERYBODY around you is going 95? Again, the speed limit = the flow of traffic.

    Happy RTT!

  7. oh you poor dear! but are you having fun? Oh, and buy each kid their own dvd palyer! we learned that a long time ago!!

  8. I haven't been able to eat at McDonald's since I was a teen... working there cures you pretty darn fast.

  9. Wish the folks around here would listen to your driving tips!

    I just "found" your blog and I love it! Happy RTT!

  10. Public restrooms are one of the many reasons I don't want to potty train my kids. What do you DO with them in that filth? Women are disgusting, I agree.

    Congrats on surviving the road trip, I'm afraid to make one with our kids.

  11. You are a brave girl...two kids twenty hours...I bow down to the greatness that is you!!

  12. People driving slow in the fast lane makes me madder than anything on earth. It makes me curse, yell, hit the steering wheel, and tail gate like a crazy person.

    I live in Arkansas. Why in the world did you take a trip to the Arkansas/OK border. Was that as far as you could make it or was there another reason.

  13. LOL at your interstate driving lessons.

    Great randomness!

    Following you now!

  14. That is a VERY brave trip.

    And I'm with you on the RV thing. Seriously - you have to take a different course to drive a boat, why not an RV??

  15. Oh that makes me so glad we only have one kid...especially since we'll be making an 18 hour road trip at the end of June...

    The public restrooms are truly disgusting...Princess Nagger does the attempt to plug her nose and cover her ears, too - she'll try to get me to cover her ears so she can plug her nose... ;)

    If only everyone would abide by those rules of the road - then we'd all have smoother traveling...or at least get there faster. ;)

    Happy RTT! :)

  16. Thank you for your great posts! I've Tagged you! Check it out-- http://berifields.blogspot.com/2009/04/ive-been-tagged-and-you-may-be-next.html

  17. I don't road trip well ... the bickering, the McDonalds... ick BUT it does sound like you had a little fun.


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