Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Daughter, The Super Hero

So while on "vacation" last week, I learned something very interesting about Itty Bit. My sister-in-law informed me after having spent the afternoon with her: "Did you know she has a super power?" "Oh, really" I say. "Yes, she was just telling me all about it" Hummm. I have never heard of any super powers?

So she calls Itty Bit over, and has her explain them to me. But she has to whisper, because it's a secret. Well of course it is. I mean, you wouldn't want the whole world to know you have powers. They might try to take advantage of you. Every super hero has a secret identity right?

Itty Bit gets real close to me and proceeds to look around, making sure no one else is listening. My Sister-in-law is sitting at the other end of the table, beaming with pride. She then begins to tell me about her "power of cuteness" I don't take her seriously, at first. I mean it's not like she can fly, or move objects with her mind. We have always told her she was cute. So here I am thinking it's finally gone to her head. But as she gets into the benefit of this "power" I slowly begin to understand.

"I can get people to do whatever I want them to do with my power of cuteness. Especially boys" She goes on "and I can share my powers. Only with girls though, boys can't have it"

Can I remind you that Itty Bit has just turned 5. How is it that she has managed to figure this out at such an early age? My 10 year old hasn't a clue about this power, although I am sure she has it to. Hell I didn't discover my own power of cuteness until I was old enough to go to a bar, let's say 17.

She is right though. She has a very powerful "power of cuteness". She pointed out something that happened a couple of months ago back home. "Remember that time me and Daddy went to Little Ceasar's and the lady gave me free crazy bread?" OMG...she's right. She wanted crazy bread, Daddy said no, and the lady gave it to her free. So not only has she discovered her powers early, but she has known about them, and been using them for a while.

I watched her throughout the rest of our trip. My sister-in-law has 5 boys. It worked on all of them. And my brother. She "cast a spell" over my sister-in-law, in order to share her power. When we made our way to TN, it continued. Everyone swirls around her, "so cute", "oh you want a cookie, here have 3"

To say Itty Bit doesn't like grown men is putting it mildly. She turns into a dragon when strangers approach her to tell her how cute she is. If it's a man, beware, growling, breathing fire, and flying objects may follow. And still, everyone thinks the is cutest little thing. Wives and girlfriends deny their husbands/boyfriends likability to be on Itty Bit's side. When Itty bit growls and bears teeth at them, the women say "he is pretty scary isn't he?" This odd behavior only makes people want to befriend her more.

Through out our trip, I also discovered a super power of my own... The ability to resist the power of cuteness. It's tough, but most days I manage pretty well.





  1. My son also developed this particular super power and has been using it since he could talk (he's 8 now). This power is expecially useful for college age girls (waitresses, checkout ladies, saleswomen) and I must say I have been exploiting this for all it is worth since I discovered it!

  2. My girls have it too. Especially on their uncles, those boys can never say "no" to my girls. Absolutely powerless against cuteness, but we moms know better!

  3. WOW! She really did realize her super-power early on, and from the looks of her she isn't going to lose that power of cuteness anytime soon, if ever! I enjoyed reading this post! :-)


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