Monday, April 6, 2009

Did you miss me?

Well, I am back. After a long weekend of fighting with my computer. I had to reformat the thing. But since it had been updated with the SP3 from Windows it wouldn't let me do that from my operating system disk. Suck ass. I am not a computer person. I'm not dumb about computer things. I just don't do coding and and the kind of shit you do in the blue screen before the operating system boots. BUT... I managed to do a new raw format. Erasing any trace of previous information, spam, viruses, and slow you to a crawl junk! I spent all last night and this morning doing windows updates, and anti-virus shit. I think I got it now!!!

Hubby and I decided to wait to redo the kitchen ceiling until we know FOR SURE it's not going to leak again. So my kitchen is going to look like ass for the next month or so. And not cute Matthew Mcconaughey ass either. More like fat lazy house wife ass!

My brother wants me to come visit for spring break. That would be next week. It's a 20 hour drive. I would be the only driver, as hubby has to stay home to work. And after looking it all up, it's going to cost too much. But I want to go. I think his wife needs some help with the baby. She really needs a nap. And I am the perfect candidate to "keep" the baby so she can get some much needed rest. Plus my girls miss their cousins.
But between renting a car and gas, and maybe a hotel to catch a couple hours of sleep, I might have to sell my youngest child to afford it. Maybe I should look up flights???

Oh and I still need to do my taxes. It was Friday morning when I sat down to do them that my computer crapped out. Thank God for external drives.

OK, I am off for what is certain to be a long day. Lots of stuff to do.


  1. "And not cute Matthew Mcconaughey ass either. More like fat lazy house wife ass!" LOL Thanks for the laugh this morning!

  2. At least you got the computer to work again. Sorry about the kitchen. Hope it gets back to normal for you (whatever normal is) very soon!!

  3. I would have been tempted to throw the computer out a window!

    And UGH on a 20hr drive!


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