Monday, March 30, 2009

I F * ing Knew it

I knew it was going to be a crap day when they started tearing down my ceiling.

I asked him when he said that they were going to be doing it, "what do I need to do to prepare?" "Oh no ma'am. We'll put plastic over the kitchen, we'll take care of everything." he says to me. I was prepared to move EVERYTHING out of the way. I have done demo on a construction site, I know the mess it makes. Why oh why didn't I listen to the OCD mommy inside of me and just move everything?

Well, it's OK if I had a mess to clean up, because the ceiling was finally being repaired. And it won't be that big of a mess, they are putting down plastic. And the roof would not leak anymore. I am, after all, a glass half full kinda gal.

All I can say is: I fucking knew it. No matter how optimistic I try to be in these situations, something always goes wrong.

Sure they put plastic down and started tearing down the ceiling. My mom and I went out fabric shopping and took the girls to lunch at their favorite hot spot, McDonald's. Trying to be nice, and stay out of the way.

When we got back, there was a new "patch" in our kitchen ceiling. And here this guy is, handing me a roll of drywall tape talking about "when you guys redo the ceiling I would take it all the way across the kitchen" I was in such shock I think I stood there with my mouth open, umm umm. I didn't even respond to this. How is it that I have to redo the kitchen ceiling? I mentioned to him, once the leak had stopped my (wonderful) husband was going to make new kitchen cabinets. And that while the cabinets were down I was going to do the wall behind them, which had peeled horribly due to said leak. Nothing in there about doing the ceiling.

This is what I got for all my trouble:


My new and Improved? Ceiling? Trust me when I say 'It looked much better with a huge water stain and some peeling crap hanging off of it.'


A huge mess on every flat surface of my kitchen. That drywall dust is a bitch.
Note the peeling wall in the background...


Another huge mess on my previously clean floors. I just washed that damn rug.

Yeah, so after the inside patch job, they collected all their plastic and ceiling crap and went to work on the actual roof. Where they pounded and sawed the afternoon away. Which, thanks to the gaping wholes in the ceiling, led all that dust and crap all over my kitchen.

Needless to say, I am so pissed. Why? Well, because I asked him if I needed to prepare for this. I could have moved my bakers rack, my rolling storage, all the stuff on top of my cabinets and put everything out of harms way. NOW... I have to move everything AND CLEAN IT before putting it back. Including the rack of "clean" dishes that was on my counter.

Now if you will excuse me I need to call my landlord to figure out what we are going to do about this ceiling. Then I will be cleaning my kitchen. Cuz I had nothing better to do, right?


  1. Workmen always seem to belittle the mess they are going to make when they do work. Don't ever listen to them. The OCD mommy inside you was right. Why did they remove the plastic sheet if they were going to do more work on the roof anyway? That's stupid. Did they install a whole new roof or did they just do repairs? A couple of years of ago, I had to have a new roof installed. The mess inside the attic was unbelievable. Fortunately, there was no open hole in the kitchen so nothing fell through. I actually had to have that done because of a leak into my kitchen just like yours. We also had a water stain on the ceiling as a result of the leak. Thankfully, the ceiling was not damaged to the point of needing new drywall. Sorry to hear what happened.

  2. That's awful! I'd be upset too. If that's not their idea of a mess, then what is? Also, awesome ceiling job dudes!


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