Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Can't wait for Spring... And early start

It's been a long time since I made kids clothes. For retail sale anyway. I have always made clothes for my girls. Not so much for Tori anymore, as she is 10 now and it's just not "cool". Plus she is kind of a tom-boy so that fluffy frilly shit has no place in her closet.

Lex on the other hand is totally a girly-girl. Her clothes can't have enough ruffles on them. The fluffier the better! So I have really enjoyed making clothes for her. And she loves to have input on building a new outfit. She has a great eye for what kids will love.

Back to what I was saying... It's been a long time since I developed any children's clothing for retail sale. I used to make kids boutique clothing on a custom order basis many years ago. It became quite a chore to keep up with orders. And then it became more like "work" than fun. So I kind of backed off that end of my business.

Now my kids are older. Lex will be going to school in the fall, and I feel like I have more time during the day. Still not enough time to do everything I want to do. But it's so much better than when Lex was a baby. So last month I started developing a new spring line of children's clothing. I only have the 4 girls outfits ready for orders right now. But I am planning a boy's line and a few more girls sets too.

Now I have to get them up onto the website. Have I ever mentioned that I hate the web part of this business. I would much rather just sit in the studio and sew. I put some one eBay (evil I know) and Etsy. Now I have to work on the business site. URG!

Anyway, here is a preview of the outifits I made. Lex is totally in love with all but one. She is not a fan of the green sage and eyelet dress. I think she feels it's to formal for her. I should have them up on the website by the end of the week. www.syhocustoms.com


  1. Those are too cute. I miss making dresses but I am like you it became too much like work. I love making my quilts and bags. Not as much pressure...lol
    Wanted to tell you to make sure that you have the boxes checked where needed so that customers can not make changes to the invoices. I had to learn that one the hard way too.

  2. So cute! I wish I had that talent, I'd love to be able to sew things for my girls!

    My fave is the last one!


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