Monday, March 30, 2009

My nearly certain blah day

Well, it has come to a head. I have a great landlord, I love her. She doesn't charge us enough rent for this place, as she just wanted responsible people to live here and take care of the place. So it really bums me out when things like a new roof come up. We have been dealing with a leak from our kitchen ceiling for about 6 months. We call the roofer, he makes a repair, and then the next time it rains really hard, it leaks again.

So my kitchen ceiling looks like something you might see in a crack house. It's bad! For the sake of the structure of the house, the roofer has, this morning, ripped big holes in my kitchen ceiling. Found the leak and now supposedly repairing it from the roof.

My youngest is terrified of strangers. So this may turnout to be a long day. Only made worse by the fact that my oldest has no school today, so I will get to hear them fight all day.

Oh and did I mention my former, wet, gross ceiling is now coating my entire kitchen. I just went to make myself some breakfast in there and oh my goodness! I can not get to anything. I think the girls and I will be going out to lunch. I just called my mom to see if she would like to go to our favorite fabric shop. She should be here shortly.


  1. That's a mess! I can say from all of our remodling experiences, roof work is the worst. Gravity is a cruel bitch!

    Hopefully they'll be done in one day so you won't have to live in a mess for too long.

  2. Yuck! I'm proud of you, Missy, for not swearing more! And a little disappointed. ;)

    Hope the mess is cleaned up and the roof is repaired soon!!!


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