Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Having a Fat Lazy Housewife Day!!!

I blogged yesterday about the wonderful news of my DH being employed again after 4 long months. Well he is at work again (I know, it's wonderful) and I don't feel like doing a damn thing.

While he was home, he was on the computer A LOT! He discovered myspace (I know he is a little slow) and the wonderful "ap" games you can play with complete strangers. And so he played, most of the damn day. This did not sit well with me. I have been a lazy housewife for the last 5 years. I am used to the days being mine, and the computer too!

Also while he was home, he would come up and talk to me, all the time, about things I don't really give a shit about. No offence honey, but I don't care what happened on Lost, or about the new toys you earned on Mobsters!

And let me not forget the ever irritating boob grabbing. (Note to guys: WE DON'T LIKE IT!) My girls are about worn out. I got to the point that I could anticipate when he was coming in for a grab and block him. That is sad!

Oh yeah... the cooking and eating. He is a Food Network junkie. And with all that extra time on his hands he was freed up to make a total disaster area of my kitchen. When he was not cooking he was eating... and making more dishes in the sink. I tell you there were days when I washed dishes (by hand as we have no dishwasher) with such distain I could have easily hit him over the head with the cast iron skillet.

But today... The sink is empty. And there is no threat of someone putting something in it. And my girls are safe, warm and relaxed. No one is going to interupt any phone calls or impromptu naps or my MP3 blaring in my ear while I sew, with mindless chatter. The computer is OPEN, as you can plainly see, I am blogging!

The day is mine (and Lexi's) to do with what I please. I do have lots of things that need to be done. I need to vaccume, dust, water plants, make beds. I am sure there is laundry around here that needs to be done. Then there are the things I should be doing... Working on the new line of boys boutique clothing I have been playing with. Putting all the finished product on the website, and adding the paypal buttons.

But I really feel like 'ah who gives a shit?' I am totally due for a day of sitting on my ass and being a fat lazy housewife. Crist, we don't get weekends off. Or sick days. I think having a lazy housewife day is a small compensation for the hell we sometimes endure, being wife and mother.

Whew, I had almost talked myself out of a mental day, listing all the stuff I should be doing. But I think I have thoroughly justified it now!


  1. That's great about the job!

    And me? I should be exercising, followed by cleaning the kitchen and then doing my JOB, but here I am on the computer. I really should turn it off. I might have a problem.

  2. I totally agree! You definitely deserve a free day of sitting on your ass after putting up with your husband for four months! Seriously, I am so ready for mine to go back to work after only a weekend...

    LOL @ the boob grabbing! Why do they DO that???

  3. Oh LOL I love your blog! You put everything down on the page just how I feel. Only my DH is an ass grabber not boob. My DH is disabled with MS so is home ALL the time. I go to work part time (school bus driver) just to get away. lol I love that the weather is getting warmer so that he can go out and play in his shop or do somthing around the farm. Also I DO NOT do laundry or dishes anymore. I put in my time doing that when the kids were home plus working outside the home. Now that he is home all day and has no kids to raise he can take care of the house. Just wish he wouldn't pick wierd things to cook he sees on tv. I get text messages to go to the store and buy stubid stuff. What the hell are capers for and how do you pick a good ginger root? lol

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  5. I'm jealous. I need a mental day soon!


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