Friday, March 6, 2009


OK, I know, I know, I am all kinds of late on the totally random "day of the week". But first of all, I was still rejoicing in Hubby's return to work. I had things to do, like sit on my fat lazy ass. Second... I didn't really have anything all that random to say, and NOW I do. So I am a little bit of a rule breaker, well usually not, but we can pretend.

What brought about these rambling, random thoughts? Well house cleaning. I look forward to spring cleaning. I know I am a freak, but the closet I come to sanity is a clean house. And you have plenty of time to think about random shit when your washing windows and cleaning floors.

Dear Mother Nature:
I know I shouldn't complain, but we go through this every year. I feel it's high time I spoke up about it. Why in the hell do we have to go straight from the dead of Winter to Summer? I mean, really? Mon, Tues. and Wed. when I walked Tori to school in the morning it was 18 degrees outside. Now (Friday) it's 70 degrees out. I know we live in a region that normal doesn't have the good fortune of enjoying Spring. But frankly, I love Spring and I would like to spend some time outside with my kids playing in it. If you could find it in your heart to turn up the heat a little more gradually, it would be much appreciated. Oh and next time you decide we should endure 18 fucking degrees, please be kind enough to dump some snow on us so we can have a snow day, and not walk a mile in it to go to school.

Am I crazy?
I feel like my kids rooms are their responsibility. I take care of the rest of the house. I am even kind enough to pick their crap up off the floor and throw it in their rooms so they don't have so far to go to put it away. I mean they are 10 and 5 now. They are perfectly capable of putting things where they go. So it is bad that when I vacuum the hallway I look into their rooms and say "I have no problem vacuuming your floors too. After all it's my job as a Mom (who stays home) to do these sorts of things. But I can't do it if your floor is covered in crap." I think my kids floors get vacuumed maybe 4 or 5 times a year. That's about how often I can see them.

No can comprehend...
Kind of back to the weather thing. I love to beat a dead horse. But the Ice Cream Man came around today. Two things about this bother me: First, it was 18 degrees out 3 days ago. How did we go from a dusting of snow on the ground to snow cone delivery in a matter of days? Second, don't you think it would be in his best interest to wait til the kids actually got out of school. I could be talked into eating ice cream if my kids drag me out there to get some. But I can totally resist when there is no one jumping up and down screaming "Ice cream man!!!"

Did I mention I love Spring?
I am pretty sure I did, but let me elaborate some more. I love when the weather gets a little warmer. I can throw my kids outside. Then when they fight I don't hear it. I mean when they are with-in ear shot and they fight I am obligated to break it up. But if I can't hear it, I can't be held responsible when my 5 year old has had enough of her sisters crap and hauls off and decks her. Am I right?

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  1. My sentiments exactly - regarding spring,that is. If we have spring in Houston is usually comes on like a Thursday. Maybe a petition to Mother Nature might help? LOL


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