Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First Random Tuesday Thoughts


Before I get started, I picked this up over at The Un Mom You can link up over there. I don't know how to put that stuff here.

OK, now that's out of the way...
First up, I love our Wii. I don't play video games. I pretty much think they are a stupid waste of time. That is until we bought one for our girls birthdays, (their birthdays are 2 days apart. Yeah I know, that takes real talent) about a month ago. First I loved that my 5 year old can play it, for the most part. Then I relished the fact that it brings us all together to play. We hang out together, and poke fun at eachother, and do victory dances. It's kind of cool.

Now I am addicted to the damn thing. But... can someone tell me why I have to play the same two bitches in tennis, now that I am at 1900 skill points? Or... why when I stomp the forementioned 2 bitches, in a best out of 5 series, I only gain 4 or 5 points, but if they narrowly beat me I lose 34 points? I am realizing that playing a computer, is not fair.

Congrats to my Aunt & Uncle on their first grandchild. But I have to protest... did it have to be a boy? Not that there is anything wrong with boys. It's just that I need a new baby girl to make stuff for. My brother called dibs on the newest baby boy. Couldn't my cousin have produced a girl? I am just asking.

I say this because of my business. I come up with these great ideas and I need a reason to make them. For instance, I have a new idea for baby blankets, embroidered with a name on them. I can't just make one for photos with a random name on it. It's a waste of precious fabric (and minky) and I will have no one to give it to. But I can't take pictures to show a sample on my website unless I make them. I wanted to do one of each, boy and girl. So if she would have had a girl, it would have made my life so much easier.

Oh what the hell? If your interested in a baby blanket made with pink minky and pink argyle flannel for the cost of materials (about $20) plus shipping, let me know. (missy@syhocustoms.com) I need a sample for my website. Has to be a newborn, and you have to have the spelling of the first and middle name.

If anyone was interested, I live on the southeast coast of VA. Sunday night we heard a big deep BOOM outside. It shook our windows. My first thought was a transformer blew up. My husband and I went outside to look out into the dark night, where we saw other neighbors doing the same. Humm, no tell tale signs that the end of the world was coming so we went back inside.

Monday morning it was all over the local news. What was that big boom? Apparently a lot of people saw a big blue flash of light that went along with the boom. What was this mysterious occurance?

Monday afternoon, some spokesperson from space.com anounced that they were 99.4% sure it was "space junk" falling back down to earth.

I am not a conspiracy theroist, I'm just saying.... stuff burning up as it rockets through the atmosphere? Wouldn't that burn orange or yellow? Gas burns blue.

Finally, why do my husband and I always want to have s e x at different times? It's a very rare occurance for us to be of the same mind on the same day.


  1. Sorry, can't help you with the baby girl. My friends are only having boys and my husband says we're done having kids... we'll see about that.

    And the space junk, that's scary! Not that I know a damn thing about space and it's junk, but maybe the gasses it was emitting made the blue flash.

    the s e x question... My husband is a morning man, on the weekends only of course. There is no way I'm getting up at 4:30 to have s e x on a weekday. It's bad enough that I get up to make his lunch. I prefer it at night and yeah we rarely agree too.

  2. Missy, I was wondering about the Wii skill level points, too. I have no idea how they work and I'm not to pro level on any game yet! My husband is all proud of himself because he's got that sparkly bowling ball now, though.

    I could use the girl blankie for a friend that's due with a girl in May, but they're not telling the name until birthday! :(

    You could always do a giveaway on your blog! I bet someone would need it, and you'd generate traffic and business that way, too!

  3. I read about that BOOM online! That must have been very strange!

    My hubby and I have the same sex issue....

  4. Excellent randomness...except now I feel guilty because I haven't done mine yet...

    I also can't help with the blanket for I am having a boy. I don't think the husband would appreciate me getting him a pink blanket. That an the fact that we can't decide on a name.

    In regards to the previous post, I hope things are going better with the kitchen mess.

  5. You hubby probably wants to have sex all the time, he just has little spurts of horniness. At least that is the way my hubby is.
    My son plays the tennis and always announces he's playing his brother (he doesn't have any brothers for real).

  6. The Wii scoring boggles my mind, too - I've had that same issue with beating the people on there with a big lead, but only gaining a few points, but lose by one point after a long grueling match and my points take a dive. Maybe the computer is a sore loser. ;)

    Happy RTT! :)

  7. I love our Wii. My favorite is Mario Kart. It's a video game I'm actually good at. LOL! I was wondering what happened in Virginia. That space junk theory sounds a little fishy to me.

  8. My best friend is having a baby girl next month, but she will NOT tell anyone what name they've decided on! Grumble.

  9. Oh, and the sex issue? That's nature's way of birth control. :)

  10. GreenJello- Got my tubes tied after my youngest was a year old (and I realized ALL the parenting shit was on me, men don't feel they need to help) So that I could have more sex without worrying about new babies.

  11. We love the Wii too and I'm totally addicted to boxing. Unfortunately my husband hates being beat by a girl and prefers golf. Golf? Most boring game EVER.

  12. Not digging the golf or boxing, I am "Pro" at everything else though. And I wonder why I haven't produced any new products out of the studio yet. I am too busy blogging and playing Wii.


  13. I feel the same way about the wii except my kids are always plating Rock Band and they won't ever let me sing...assholes!

  14. Hi...you're the commenter before me on SITS today.

    I didn't know there was an official "be random on Tuesday" site. Of course, I'm random every day. I'm an overachiever that way.

    I love my wii, too. Right now my kids are loving Endless Oceans. Of course, it makes me nauseated when they play, as they are only 3 years old and not great with the controls :)

  15. stoppin by from un moms RTT...the wii scares me but you had me LMAO@playing the same bitches

    I read about your boom...scary stuff if ya think about it

    Congrats to your aunt and uncle...I have been neutered or is it spayed at any rate no more babies for me hope you find a taker for the blankie

  16. I have that issue with my husband, too. Generally, I'm in the mood when he's not there.

    I'm going to go look up this 'boom' now. I might have a conspiracy rant for NEXT tuesday! ;)

  17. I just got Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii and am a bit irritated that none of the characters I can choose from have a little junk in their trunk! I want a character that is more realistic curvy like me!

  18. Nobody drove around and tried to discover where the space junk may have hit? That's freaky!

  19. My two girls have birthdays ONE day apart..6 years apart. I just told everyone that I'm just regular.

  20. How weird it must of been to hear the loud band, I wonder where the space junk went? It cracked me up when you went back inside after you saw no signs of the end of the world:)

    Hope things get better.

  21. Hi, I found you via twitter moms. I'm following you as Joanna Bender!

    the blue has to be a transformer...I've seen the same thing before ;o)

  22. Yeah, My husband and I are the same...I want it and he is sound asleep on the couch...He wants it at 5:30 in the effing morning and I am sound asleep in lala land!!!


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