Friday, May 1, 2009

Foxy Friday More Super Heros

Well today we will continue with out (mostly) super hero theme. A couple of weeks ago, when profiling Justin Hartley I mentioned Tom Welling, and here he is.

Tom Welling plays Clark Kent, AKA Superman, on Smallville (CW). I like his boyish charm. He has that "boy next door" look about him. Also, for some strange reason, I am attracted to his teeth. All the better to bite you with my dear? Who knows.

WARNING: If you decided to, say, do your own Internet search for Tom Welling... Beware, there is some very disturbing porn associated with the name. Not having anything to do with him, I don't think.

Anyway, here you go ladies


Hot eyes AND a devilish grin. We are all in trouble now!


Kind of muscular.


See, boyish charm!


The required half naked picture.


I like the more "candid" shots better.


And here he is with Justin, AKA Green Arrow. Also very hot!

Now on to life...
I. Am. Tired!!! AND... I am tired of being tired. I got everything mailed out that had to go out last week. Well, I sent it with Sexy Papa so he could mail it. But that still counts right? Not that there are any orders in there. But other things that needed to be sent. Anyway, I don't know if I am still tired from my trip or what. I could sleep all day.

My SIL says it could be depression. I don't have a whole lot to be depressed about though. When I look at my life, I feel blessed. Especially with the state of our economy. My husband is employed, at a fairly well paying job. My children are healthy. We have the food and shelter we need. I really have nothing to complain about.

But still... I am just bummy. I know that I am feeling like a failure as far as my business goes. I haven't really done any business since Christmas. That's a long time for me not to have any real projects. And... I know it's not my fault. The economy is crap. I am not buying things I don't really need. Why should I expect anything different from my customers? I know that it will get better, in the long run. But what do I do until then?

Also, I feel like I can't keep up with my house, and I am ready to give up that battle. I also can't figure out why I am having such a hard time keeping up. I am a stay at home mom. And as I just mentioned, I don't have any "work" right now to keep me from my house. But... No one around here seems to give a shit what the house looks like, why should I? Well, because I get gloomy when the house is a mess. Kind of like a catch 22 at this point. I am gloomy because the house is dirty, but too gloomy to do anything about it. Mostly because I know it won't last the day. I feel a strike coming on.

Maybe I will feel better when my kitchen gets fixed. It was supposed to happen this weekend, but now Sexy Papa has to work on Sat. I can't hang sheet rock on the ceiling by myself. I have my fingers crossed for Sunday, but I know it's not likely.

So as much as I would love to entertain everyone today, with wit and humor, it's just not in me today.


  1. I feel the same way about my "business".I can count on one hand the number of sales I've had since the first of the year. And don't get me started on housework. I'm the only human here and I can't keep it straightened up. Of course the cats add greatly to the dust bunnies that are everywhere. One day I'll get sick of the mess and go thru the house like a wild woman and it will be better. I will feel better. I just wish I had someone else to do it! lol It will get better, darlin'. Just give it time.

  2. Tom is good looking. A good Superman for sure.

    I hope you get to feeling better. Have you tried exercise. I hate it, but do it every morning because it really does make me feel better. If I don't I get exhausted and unmotivated and down right depressed.

    Making sure I eat well and get enough sleep helps too. Even though all I want to do when I am feeling low is eat Doritos and Dr. Pepper and Chocolate.

  3. seriously, I made my DH stop at Dunkin on the way home from his friends house... For chocolate cream filled powered donuts. BAD MISSY!!!

  4. i hope that you are feeling better as the day goes on. i hate when i fall into slumps like that.

  5. Nice eye candy. Sorry you're feeling low, I think everyone is from time to time. Don't watch the news!


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