Thursday, July 30, 2015

Slow Learner

Sometimes, things don't click for me. Or maybe I'm so busy running around like a crazy person, I just don't see those things.

I've just now, after 40 years of life, realized that exhaustion leads to depression. It's not a long term thing. But for me it is real. It took me entirely too long to understand the link between lack of sleep and feeling blue.

I was up until 2 am last night. Then awake at 6 am this morning, whether I wanted to be or not.  This is just another in a string of late nights and early mornings. Aside from DQ, I've got a lot to be excited about. A lot to be happy about. Things are good right now.

I'm seeing someone. Despite my attempts to avoid any romantic relationships. It happened very organically. Having mutual friends, I'm surprised I didn't meet him sooner. We met back in Feb. during the bar crawl my bestie and I had. We hit it off, but he was seeing someone. And then he was single but I was seeing someone.... then I was single but he wasn't. Throughout this whole time, we were friends. Hanging out. Drinking way too much coffee, laughing our asses off, and sort of regretting our timing.

Until, we were suddenly both single. We were still goofing off, being friends, and not thinking much of it. One of our mutual friends told me he was smitten with me. Well, I liked him too, but I was trying to give him space to get his head back on straight after his breakup. And of course I was in no rush after HotRod. 

One day, after talking and hanging out so much, he asked, "Is it safe to say we're dating?" I thought about it for a minute, and I realized what we were doing was exactly that. Well, minus the romantic pressures, constant sucking face and sex. We were getting to know each other, both fully aware that there COULD be something more. So I shrugged and said, "Yeah, I think we are."

Viola, dating. And now some kissing. It's nice. Slow, organic and nice. Our friends are ecstatic. They wanted us to get together back in Feb. 

We've even planned a road trip. Next weekend, we're going to South Carolina to see some of our good friends. We'll barbeque, drink beer, practice some open shooting and have some time together. Not that we don't get that now. But, we both have kids. The only time we've been alone was when we weren't technically dating. Just hanging out. Now that we've put a title on this and are persuing the romantic side, the kids always seem to be around. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I think it will be wonderful to have time with just grown ups around.

Did I mention this is the first "vacation" I've been on in like 5 or 6 years. And I've never been "away" without the girls.  I NEED THIS!!!

For now, I'm going to aim for a decent nights sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a long hot day. And I have got to get over this slump I'm in at the moment. I read somewhere, just today, there isn't much that laughter and a long sleep can't cure. We've got the laughter down, now on to the next one. 

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