Thursday, July 9, 2015

Life Goes On

It's been an interesting couple of days. Yesterday afternoon, Child Protective Services came out to visit with me. The lady was pleasant and friendly, but still... It's CPS.

The allegations were that I beat her and let her drink alcohol on a regular basis.  

I beat her? Really? All my friends tell me the reason she acts like this is because I DIDN'T beat her. I was adamant when I became a parent I would not use physical pain to punish my children. 

And I let her drink? Are you crazy? I let my kids have a sip of beer or wine when they were little. But nothing more than that. DQ is an out of control, violent teenager. Do you really think I want a drunk, out of control, violent teenager? Not to mention how it might interact with her meds. She told them I let her drink a couple beers. She suggested it's a regular occurrence.

CPS talked with me and asked me a million questions, and toured the house. She seemed sufficiently pleased with everything and I got the impression she didn't believe DQ. Hopefully that's the end of this part.

Moving on...
We had court today. DQ had a real chip on her shoulder, even stating there was no way she was going to be in any trouble. Imagine her surprise when the judge said she found sufficient evidence to find DQ guilty? She went from cocky to combative. The judge is holding off on giving a sentence until all of the other teams, (the people who can put her in a group home) are done meeting and a decision is made. 

I talked to the residential team person. She said that DQ meets the requirements to be removed from the home. She'll either go to a group home or therapeutic foster care. I should know on the 21st whether the funding team decides to pay for it. And it won't be until middle of August that we know where she is going and when. 

These kinds of things, I'm learning, are such a process. But we are almost to the top of the mountain... the battle is almost over. 

Tonight I'm going to go have dinner with a friend of mine, and probably a very large glass of wine. I almost feel the sigh of relief coming on now.

Cheers everyone.

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