Friday, July 24, 2015

What to Do What to Do

I understand that teenagers get lippy. That they have an attitude problem. That they are generally slobs. I was a teenager once. I've made great effort to remember what I was like, and how my head worked when I was that age. I think it's important to remember, so you can keep perspective when raising your own children. 

DQ was discharged from the group home Wed. night. Truth be told, I'm lucky they kept her that long, seeing as they wanted to kick her out a week ago. 

I'm not sure how to act around her. I've never been forced into dealing with a situation like this. Because were it anyone but my child, I'd tell them to 'Fuck off' and I'd walk away. 

She's punched me, pushed me, and scratched me. She's called me a whore and a bitch, to my face. Often. She steals from me. She's destroyed my belongings. She's spit on me. Think about that for a moment. Spit on me!!! She describes the ways she hopes I die, and then says she won't come to my funeral. But my favorite is by far trying to have me arrested. She's been saying for about a year how she's going to get me arrested so I'll loose custody of Itty Bit. She is intentionally telling the authorities lies so they will put me in jail. This child, would be happy as a pig in shit if I were in jail and lost custody of her sister.

Why? Because I won't buy her an iPhone, give her my bank card to shop at the mall, or let her run around with boys? Because I won't let her have her way!!!???

How am I supposed to react to that?

I can't find it in me to even pretend like we're a normal family. The best I can do is awkward silence and curt one word answers. I'm so fucking angry right now, it's best if I just hide in my room.


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